Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

May the love of Jesus Christ fill your lives with joy, peace, love and hope this coming year. He is our all in all. In these times where nothing stays the same, He remains! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
God's precious Son, our greatest gift ever!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Renewed promise

Only the Lord!

This past year has been one I might be inclined to title "Mr .Toad's Wild Ride", you can substitute my name for Mr Toad! It's been one of trial and questions, things that challenged my faith in ways I had not known before. For a period of time I was bewildered, astonished, uncertain. There were days I could do nothing but cry. Some days they were tears of pity but most were days of simply crying out to the Lord for answers, for comfort, for His peace. We can read through so many things in the bible and accounts of things that people went through and not always is an answer given as to why God allowed things to happen as they did. We all know that in our trials we can use them to draw us nearer to the Lord or become so bitter by them that we find ourselves at a distance from Him.

During these times, God wouldn't let me roam far from Him. It was like He had a short leash and if I dared to run, He would pull me back to Him. His Words became life in ways I cannot explain unless you have had to cling to it as I did in order not to lose my mind. I would pick up different devotionals that were around my house throughout the day and cling to the words in them, at times begging God to show me some promise-give me hope that this too shall pass. Always, He was faithful. There were days I would cry aloud and pray to Him and then I would read a Psalm and there were some of the exact words that I was praying! Is that our great God?!! I understood for the first time what Jeremiah may have meant when he said "Your words were found and I ate them and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart. For I am called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts." You get to the point where you crave God's Word so much-you find yourself scouring through the pages, looking for something to nourish your soul and bring strength to your body.

On the Sunday Jim was asked to pray about moving to Hungary I was teaching Sunday school and the verse for the kids that month was from Deut. 31:6-Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them, for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you." It's dated 2/11/01 in my bible.

The other day, as I was reading 1Chronicles, I became overwhelmed with God's faithfulness and once again His perfect timing. He renewed this promise to me and as I have been struggling with fear for some reason, He gave me a new verse, but the same meaning. There is an excitement that goes beyond comprehension when we read God's Word and it comes alive in our hearts and in our lives. Knowing that those words are not only for the people of old but for us! For our hurts and pains, our questions, our times of sorrow. There is so much changing in this world and yet He will never change! His Words are the same always! Nothing new can be added! What joy there is in knowing this and walking in it!

I am going to try to do a 12 Days of Christmas songs starting tomorrow! Ha ha-we will see how that goes. I had an idea to write about some of my favorites so we will find out tomorrow if it really happens or not!

I pray that your day is filled with all the goodness of the Lord!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Strangers in the land

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you all ate to your heart's content and were reminded of many things to be thankful for!!
We had a great day-we celebrated in Montebelluna with the bible college students and staff. It was fun! We cooked a whole turkey at home which is a first for us in the last 8 years! Unfortunately, it was also the day to use our oven for the first time. Not a good time to realize that either A) you don't know how to work it properly or B) there's something wrong with the oven!
We put it in and about 1/2 hour later the top was getting very dark. Hmm, 4 more hours to go this doesn't look like a good sign! Well, after Mr Fix It, oops I mean my darling, wonderful husband looked and opened the door, looked again, opened the door yet again, we put foil over the top and let the bird cook a few more hours. It was doing fine, but the oven just didn't seem hot enough so darling, wonderful husband decided to crank the oven to the max!!!! In the end, the shy, non argumentative wife had the brilliant idea to put the turkey in the roasting pan on top of the stove and finish cooking it. Ever so cleaverly, she even said it in such a way that darling, wonderful husband thought he came up with the idea!! LOL

Of course I had been up late the night before awaiting the arrival of said husband from his 4 day trip to Baja (Hungary that is). He stayed true to course and arrived many hours later than I had expected which meant that I didn't have the groceries needed to do my cooking for Thanksgiving. So, at 9pm, I joyfully greeted him at the door, gave him a great big kiss and told him it didn't matter how late he was and that I was exhausted, would have to stay up half the night cooking and then get up early enough to prepare the turkey for the oven. After all, it is the thought that counts (isn't that what we have been indoctrinated to believe) and as long as he thought about coming home earlier all is well in Italia!
I fiercefully shredded carrots to lovingly make a carrot cake, spread out bread all over the kitchen and bedroom to stale it out enough to make stuffing, chopped bunches of celery and cried my way through a few onions. Ah, the joy of cooking-isn't that a book or something?????
Well, the carrot cake was too moist, didn't end up cooking the right way but darling husband took care of that. He cooked it about 4 hours and it is still moist, but being the doll that he is, he decided he wants to eat it! What a man I tell ya, what a man!

Of course, in the end, everything worked out well. The stuffing was great, turkey moist and delicious and we are still happily married :)

As we drove to Montebelluna on Thanksgiving, it hit me that we are strangers in the land. We live here and yet we have a whole different culture. There were plenty of cars on the road but none were hustling and bustling with piles of baked goods in their trunks to get to Cousin Mary's for a bountiful meal. They were all just going about their business as usual. Not one person had the same purpose as we did. None of them were going to be celebrating the day like we were.
The Lord gave me a beautiful picture as we as Christians live in this world. We are to be strangers in a sense. As we see people hurrying about, going about business as usual, we need to realize that we are looking forward to something they know nothing about. We are to think differently, behave differently, speak and act differently than the rest of the world. Everyday we can celebrate Jesus and look forward to the day when we will see Him face to face and we will sit down and enjoy that feast with Him! And the good news worries on the cooking, we know it will be perfect!!!
We had our first snowfall last week. I had to enjoy it alone since Jim was in Hungary but I was quick thinking and took a picture for him to see. Now you can enjoy it too :) Also, the most precious little baby in the world in her costume. What an adorable little spider!!

Enjoy and may the Lord's face shine upon you today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our personal God

There are those days when I just stand in absolute amazement of how God works. He is so personal and knows everything we need. The past week was a difficult one. The poor economy effects so many and causes so many of us to really trust the Lord to provide for all we need. I kept reminding myself that God provides always and that He promised His children would never have to beg for bread.
Well, I thought I was strong and could handle things that were coming our way but suddenly I just had a really hard time. I had heard about something someone bought and it was so expensive and to me outrageous that one would pay so much on something so temporal. We were getting ready to go to Montebelluna for church on Sunday morning and I just started to cry wondering why God works the way He does. I thought aren't we even good enough to receive the crumbs that are left over? I know it sound so pathetic of me to act like that but I was having a really hard time with this. Saturday night Jim was teaching (we are going through the Psalms) and he was talking about David's heart. He did cry out to the Lord and sometimes thought things were unfair but then he paused because he knew their end and he was grieved. Honestly, I couldn't even think at this point about the person's end. I was so focused on the here and now, paying our bills, etc. and why it all seemed unfair to me! Yes, a pity party!

So, on our way to church I kept trying to focus on the truth and prepare my heart. Craig was teaching on Abraham and Lot. He talked on how Lot chose for himself and had his eye on the temporal. Then, Craig talked about how people are living for the temporal, living for the house, the pool, etc and then mentioned this item and the exact amount that was so bothering me! AHHHHH, Jim and I just looked at each other and smiled. Sounds simple I know, but to me it meant the world. It meant that God saw my tears, He saw my broken heart and my questions and He put it all in perspective for me! He does care and He cares enough to remind us of what is eternal and what is temporal. Don't we serve an amazing God! He is personal-so personal!

It's getting wintery here in Padova. The cold is creeping in and the air is quite brisk! We see snow on the mountain tops already on our way to church. It is far enough away to be pretty and not have to shovel :)
Calvary Padova is doing great! We are getting a few people who are curious to hear what we are all about and what do we think about Jesus and it's great to have them come out. Michele is a guy from the Congo and he is a regular to the church. He has an amazing voice and used to lead a choir. We want him to start one up here in Padova. His son (14) and daughter (16) came the other night and that was a treat because they have musical talent like their Dad. Michele has a heart for evangelizing so we are going to go to the city center and pass out some tracts on Saturdays. Saturdays are always a late night-we get home close to 11pm and then eat our dinner! Dinner in Italy is usually late but this is pretty late!
I pray you are blessed today and just know in your heart how personal the Lord is, how much He truely cares about even the littlest of things!!!

Here are some pictures from the summer when we had a team from Santa Barbara come and we went to Venice.

Where the Italian missionaries shop :)

after all, when in Venice........................

Friday, November 7, 2008

Randon thoughts

Election Day........hmmm.......well, I can't say I am surprised by the outcome. While I am extremely disappointed in who was elected, life continues. It might be because I just finished my study in 1 & 2 Kings, but reading through you see the ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly (ha ha-sorry I couldn't resist).
The story of Jehu is one that really stood out to me. (2 Kings Chapter 10)Here we see Jehu used and commended by the Lord for the good he did yet the last things written about him was that he didn't walk in the ways of the Lord with all his heart. For whatever reasons, they aren't written for us to read, Jehu wasn't willing to give the Lord his whole heart. I certainly wouldn't want that as the commentary on my life. What a challenge to go before the Lord as David did and ask Him to search us and know us, to cleanse us and fill us with more and more of Him! Let's not be half-hearted Christians!

So, I said I would show you some pictures of our kitchen. Ok-well here we go ( I even have a couple bonus shots for you) :)

In the first picture you will see that this is my dish drainer. The drainers is built in to the cupboard and you stack your clean dishes in there and it drains on the sink-I am getting the hang of it now. First few days I was putting stuff in there and it would fall out. One night I put a bowl in there and it actually fell out, hit me on the lip and gave me a sore inside! How's that....I think if there are strange things that are going to happen they will happen to me. I am convinced it has nothing to do with my hair coloring (tho that's another story...starting to show the roots) it is just that a word? I always wanted to use it but didn't know when and now seems like a good time!

Without further ado, here is the drain..

Pretty cool huh-it's not bad getting the water off the sink either-just drips a bit

Now for the cupboards:

Pretty nice wouldn't you say. They are used, but I like them a lot and they hold a lot! I love all my pitchers/urns whatever you call them. You can find them all over here for so cheap!

Here is the bonus feature. Not only will I include the photo but I will include some advice. Little tidbits from an older woman (yes I said older not old!!!) GLOVES! I love wearing gloves! I never thought of it until we moved to Italy. Here, everyone wears them! There is a huge selection in the grocery store. Trust me! It took me a good 15 minutes to figure out which ones to buy. I don't know why I didn't wear them before. They protect your hands from all the chemicals, hot water, etc. Start wearing them to do dishes, mop, etc. They really do protect your hands. I will say that I purchased some cheap yellow ones and they don't hold up as well. Maybe for doing dishes they are fine, but mopping, cleaning windows, all that heavy stuff they didn't last too long. I found these blue ones and they are so comfortable!! Wow-who knew I could write a paragraph about gloves!! Ha ha. ok-here are mine:

(as I think about it, it is kind of strange that I actually took a picture of these)

Ok-well I think I spoiled you enough today with all these wonderful photos.

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice-lift up holy hands to our God, the Maker of all things :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guess what?????????

I am actually writing this post on my very own desktop, from my very own home!! What is so interesting about that you might ask....well.....that means we have internet! Yes dear friends and family we have finally rejoined the wired households of the world. Ah, but did you happen to notice I said "wired". Yes, we ordered a wireless modem and they hooked up the wrong one. No problem right...........WRONG!!! Jim phoned the telephone company today and after about a half hour they said.."Ok, we will be out on Nov. 21 with your WIFI modem". What a great birthday present that will be for Jim! Amazing isn't it!
So, other than that, things are taking shape in our home. God totally blessed us with a kitchen. We were searching and searching and went into a few used stores but they were still expensive. We kept trying to go to a certain used store but always missed the hours-remember...things close between 1-4. Finally we made it there and found a kitchen! The price was amazing and though it took some elbow grease to clean it, it looks great in the kitchen! Lots of cupboards which I love! (You can see the pics in future post) We had to buy a stove top but it came with the oven. I was able to get some good oven cleaner and scrub it out and it looks brand new! Pastor Craig came over for the day and installed the cupboards, sink, electricity and gas. What a help he is!
I have been reading 1 and 2 Kings the past months for my devotions and have been learning so much! There is a certain sadness as you read about all the different kings and you watch the decline of a nation because of compromise and pride. It never starts out an account is given for each leader it often says the one did worse than the one before. How sad to see that this happens and what a great warning to us all. Yet, in the midst of the evil, good could be found. What a hope that is! What encouragement for us!
Sandy Dunn was telling me years ago about reading a Proverb a day-since then, I have tried to be diligent to that. Jim and I were talking the other day about it and how you can read God's Word so often and yet still not grasp all there is in it. I was reading Proverbs 24 (on the 24th :) ) and v10-If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strentgh is small. Wow, it about threw me off my seat. I was having one of those days..maybe even weeks...and God really challenged me through those words. I don't want small strength!
If you would, please pray for me-for strength, increased faith and to keep my mind fixed on Him!
Here are some pictures...I have so many I want to upload but it would take too long so I will add a few at a time.
These are from Scharpie and Zita's wedding and the kids are some of the kids at the church in Padova. ( I know I look like a camera hog huh!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A month later.................

Hi there everyone! We are still alive and sort of kicking. Kicking at the goads perhaps :) Just had to say a quick hello and that we have no internet yet! We have waited a month and the guy finally arrived yesterday and then couldn't find the cables underground.
I have decided we should start an internship over here. It would be one for those who desire to grow the fruit of the Spirit in their lives in a hands on atmosphere! Patience is something we have all prayed for and here in Italy you will have the opportunity to work that out in your life. Gentleness, now that is a good one too-hmmm, sort of like when the worker finally shows up at your door to do some work and you have this joy beaming from within you that Yes, we will accomplish something today, and only to have him put up his hands and tell you he has no clue. Yes folks, gentleness....self conrol...........oh I love that one! I think we will leave any explanation of that fruit out of the blog post for today. LOL!
So, we came to Hungary to get our Visas. They were to have arrived the last time we came to get them-but alas, decided to wait til a couple days after we returned to Italy. Oh what fun :)

Good thing though-the Lord is continuously pouring out His grace. I love being His child. There really is nothing better than knowing we can talk with the Creator of all things! Amazing to ponder! I love His Word, His comfort and yes, even His discipline!

Praying we will get a kitchen soon-sandwiches are getting a bit old-though the cold cuts are good in Italy.

Join us in praying for the church in Baja, Padova and the bible college in Italy. The kids are awesome. We spent time with them at speakers week and got to know them a bit better. I love seeing youngsters on fire for the Lord! Such a desire to follow after the things of the Lord. They are our future!

Ok-must go now-hopefully we will be online soon! Sorry-no pictures they are on the other computer....practice that patience LOL!

Oh the matchless love of Jesus!!!!
Gloria Dio!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And we are off........

Ha ha, so you thought I was already living in Italy, sitting back on my terrazo and eating some sort of rich in calorie, highly delectable, Italian cuisine. Well, guess again!
I can only be reminded over and over again that the Lord says My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways, not your ways! He has a plan and sometimes it's just a tad different than mine. (ok well a lot of times)

We ran into problems with the truck company that would have been overseeing all the care of our household goods-(I am thinking of writing a book entitled My Life In A Truck) LOL
Well, one thing led to another and we ended up having to find someone else at the midnight hour. (not literally) :)
It turned out to be an amazing blessing because our neighbor found one for us and it was cheaper than the original guy we planned to go with. He will also deliver it in less time than the other guy. That's what we like to hear!
God so blessed us this past week in amazing ways! He does know our breaking points and always proves Himself faithful. The girls and I had just been talking about how we have faith for everyone else's situations, but when it comes to our own, it's difficult to believe. Once more, God has proven above and beyond what we could think or ask! We are humbled by His love! We are thankful for those He uses!

So, dear friends please pray as we leave this am for our journey and hope to make it to Montebelluna in time for new student orientation. If you haven't checked out the CCBC Italy site-go to the right and click on the link. There is quite the handsome photo there too :)

Thank you for your prayers and as soon as we have internet I will try and post some photos.
May the Lord richly bless your day!
CIAO! or should I say "Gelato"!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a few more days

Yep, we are scheduled to move in just a few days *key work being "scheduled"
It's been quite a trying time to get a truck to move us that is big enough and can actually go to Italy. Most don't have international insurance, don't take credit cards, etc. It's so weird that places still don't take credit in Europe. The truck should be here Tuesday and we will head out in the evening and be in Italy Wed morning. Jim still has to come back here to Hungary for a couple days to wrap things up and I will just stay in Padova and begin the unloading task!
On a good note, the utilities are in place. We thought that was going to be a nightmare trying to set those up but it turns out the Lord was very gracious to us and all we need to do is go to the gas company to get the gas turned on. Hopefully it will be a quick procedure!

Jim had to go last week and sign all the documents for our new flat in Italy. By now, you faithful blog readers should know what I am about to write next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes,,,,,,,,,you guessed correctly! I get a text message from Jim...."please pray the car isn't working". Apparently it was a belt or something like that. Whatever it was it cost about 200 euros! Yeah, that was money that was just burning a hole in our pocket and we had wondered how we could get rid of it LOL!
Now, we are looking to replace a bearing. Do I know what a bearing is? Of course not, but this I needs replacing and we can't make the trip without it.

I find it amusing to hear things like "Wow, how lucky you "get" to move to Italy. Yep, that's right folks....we "get" to move to Italy LOL..I suppose it is better than getting to live in the uttermost parts of the world where starvation and depravation are. Location wise, it is awesome! There is a world of beauty in Italy and the country has so much history and beauty in it. However, there is a spiritual battle going on! This is huge. From the moment we said Yes, we will go, there has been one problem after another with our car, with other things, and we know that these things happen in life, but we also know that spiritually speaking, we are being tested big time. God is so faithful though and He has seen us through each battle as it arises. It's almost like I just expect things to happen now. Praise the Lord that all things are in His control and He already knows how things will work out before we do!
It's harder than you know to be away from our children, grandbaby, our parents, friends.
We know the promises of God and trust in each one of them, but some days I just ache! It's a time in my life I thought that we would be living in our own home, enjoying our grandchildren, etc. I am not complaining here-just having one of those days as our girls and son-in-law are all getting together at Grandma's today to celebrate their birthdays! But, as challenging as some days are, I can honestly say I would dwell in a tent and be in God's will than live in a beautiful home outside of His will!
Here's a song I like by Barlow Girl- I really like the words to the song.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I know I know..........

It's been awhile since I have updated but we have been incredibly busy. Another house hunting trip to Italy and this time we found a flat. It just got to the point where we were so tired of looking and this one Jim really likes and the price was right so we put in the application for it. I think the confirmation came as Jim bit into a sandwich and his newly fixed front tooth broke! was the icing on the cake......oh wait a minute, no it wasn't :)

We decided to leave about 4am the next day to head back to Hungary. We made it a bit past the border and the car overheated!! Yes, another exciting moment in our ventures of Italy-Hungary. We ended up having to leave the car for a few days and ended up being the water pump. How fun!!
Fortunately, we have two of the most faithful gals in our church here in Baja and they drove the 3-1/2 hours to pick us up and bring us back to Baja. Praise the Lord for Andi and Magdi. I don't know what it is going to be like without the two of them. They are such amazing servants of the Lord!

We were blessed with the money to go to the missions conf in Austria so we will head out later on. I love this conference. The Lord always blesses the teachings and I get so ministered by them.

It's always a great time to catch up with other missionaries around Europe and see what the Lord is doing in their lives and churches. Please pray for safe travels :)

Here are a couple pictures of our new flat. No kitchen at all-just all blank walls and space! Pray we can find a kitchen to be donated!! We need a stove, sink, cupboards, etc! We have the fridge so that is a good start! Also, please pray we will be able to rent a vehicle to transport our furniture from our house in Hungary to Italy.

We have the top level of the flat. It's basically the same layout we have hear but on one level. There are 2 bedrooms and a smaller office/bedroom, kitchen and living room.

O magnify the Lord with me, let's exalt His Name! Psalm 34:3

Friday, July 18, 2008


We had quite the time since I last updated. We went with the Santa Barbara team to Italy and it was adventurous to say the least!
Our car decided to have problems the minute Jim took the team to the train station in Baja he heard a rattle-muffler. So, we had one of the guys at the church fix it and headed on our way to Italy via Budapest for a night and Milstatt for a night.

Of course the weather in Padova was over 100 every day we were there but hey-we have air conditioning in the car right???? Let's just say that when it wanted to be on it was on and when it needed a break, it took one! Get the picture??!!! So one of the days we head to Venice with the team and as Jim parks in the parking garage the battery light went on. Needless to say when we came back to the car it wouldn't start. Oh the fun now begins.

So you must picture this. Jim says, ok-one of you girls needs to steer (it was Charlotte, her husband Ed and Jim and I) Well, I am not steering, no way, no how! I think I would freak out. So we decided to let Jim steer and Ed, Charlotte and I would push! Yes, skirts and all, we are pushing the car. Well, I guess in all fairness it was mostly Ed, but Charlotte and I must have had some impact :) Here we are pushing and we are getting close to the part where the parking lot starts to make the curvy turn and I am just praying inside-Lord there is no way that I can push while going around a bend. Those of you who know me know that coordination is not one of my spiritual gifts! LOL

Anyway, the Lord had mercy upon us and at just the right time Jim started the car and we headed back to Padova. The car broke down again after a few days and this time it had to be put on a truck and taken to the repair shop. A new belt, new alternator, headaches, sore back for Jim and a whole bunch of euros later we were on our way back to Hungary!
Just one of those times where you ask the Lord....Lord why now? Whey did this have to happen now? I sometimes think He feels like saying...why not if there is a better time for these things to happen :)

We ended up staying an extra week after the team left to find a place to live but didn't have much luck. We learned a lot about Italian culture that week. We learned how important the afternoon lunch/siesta is. So important that an hour before it starts not much gets accomplished so that you aren't in the middle of something when the lunch begins and then about an hour after it ends you are just getting back in the swing of work again. On the last day, we finally found a realtor franchise that seems helpful and we pray that things will go well next week when we return.

Last week was pretty gloomy and we had a rainstorm one of the days. I happened to look out my window and saw a beautiful rainbow right in my backyard. It was such a gift from the Lord! It was a rough week and you know how you have those times where you know the promises of God and His faithfulness but you just need some extra assurance-well, it was like God gave the rainbow just for me at just the right moment. I grabbed my camera and did my best to mark the memory. I love how personal the Lord is. He knows what His children need and His Word just comes alive in our lives as we cry out to Him.

Some of our girls were baptized last week at the family conference. It brought tears to my eyes seeing them make this commitment before the Lord. We have been together all year for women's studies and watching them grow in their relationship and seeing Jesus at work in their lives is so precious!
So many beautiful memories! The Lord is indeed good isn't He!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Team SB

What a great week we have been having with the Santa Barbara team!! Lots of this and that getting done at the church ie-painting, repairs, etc. All the things that aren't big by themselves but add up to lots of work!! It was great to walk into the church and see all that the guys had done!
Lars and Emily also taught the youth group some fun stuff-lots of crazy fun to be had. The time in the Word was a great reminder of Jesus being the door and the safety we can find in Him alone!
Yesterday proved once again to be a day where we saw God do amazingly and abundantly above and beyond all we could think! We had a Kid's Day and weren't expecting more than about 20 kids. Well, over 40 kids came and not only that but many of the parents came in the afternoon and joined us for lunch and more fun games at the park. It was great to see kids from all ages playing, hearing and acting out bible stories, doing fun crafts and singing praises to the Lord!! Such a blessed time!
Here are a few photos from the youth group. Charles from SB has a great talent for art and led the kids in painting the skateboard ramps. I'll add the ones from kids day when we get back.
Please keep us in your prayers as we travel today to make our way through Budapest, Austria and then on to Italy with the team. Pray for energy as we endure the heat and humidity, travelling graces, health, etc. We will be in Padova for a few days with the team and Jim and I will stay on after they leave in hopes to find a place to live. Actually, we MUST find a place so we can begin the moving process.

Thanks for praying!! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Miss Juliet

Finally a sweet little photo of the most beautiful grandbaby!!! Am I a bit biased ??? LOL!!!
Jim finally got to meet his little granddaughter and was thrilled to feed her! What a blessing!
Thanks for all your prayers and those who helped make this trip happen for Jim. It meant so much to him!
Jim was able to get a lot of our paperwork done for Italy also. So much to do to apply for our Italian citizenship but it will be worth it. Now all the kids want to apply too. You never know how the Lord might use it in the future! I think it's funny how our ancestors were all trying to get to America and become citizens and now we are trying to go back to the countries they came from.

Please be praying for the team that will arrive from Santa Barbara next week. We will be busy doing fix up work around the church, having a kids day and if I am lucky, maybe get some more packing done. We will also head to Padova the following week and look over the city with the team, pray and perhaps scout out places to have an outreach the following year. Lots to do and so we covet your prayers. Pray they will be healthy and for good weather to do all we want to do!
So without further is the Princess :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Siegen Conference

We were so blessed to be able to go to the Servanthood Conference at the Siegen church a couple weeks ago. We went last year and it was awesome but this year it just didn't seem possible to go. The dollar has dropped so much and everything is more expensive. Gas alone is between 7.50 -8.00 dollars a gallon. (sorry to our US friends, we don't feel your pain) :) just kidding :)
Anyway, the conference started on Tues and we rec'd a phone call on Monday telling us that if we wanted to go it was covered!! How amazing is that! God is so good and we knew there were things the Lord wanted to speak to our hearts since He made the way for us to go. It was a double blessing because we were able to go a couple hours from the church and pick up some boxes that were shipped full of clothes for the church. We brought them to the church yesterday and everyone had a great time picking out things to wear!! Thanks Kim and Martha!!!! :)
At the conference we were able to see some old friends from SB church and meet some new ones. The messages were great and Jim and I both went up for prayer to have a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. There was such a joy and a power in the prayer! It was one of those that I just want to carry with me as a reminder when I feel blah. Our friends Sadie and David were there and Pastor Ricky and some others prayed for us too. We are ready!! Ha ha-just remind me I said that!! There's just something about it when people are praying for you and you know they really want to be praying. It was a good reminder to me too because when I pray with people I want them to know that I want to be praying for them, it's not just a formality or something I do.
I wrote down a few highlights that spoke to my heart during the conference. Of course there were many things, but these are the main things. (You can click on it for a bigger size)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from Italy

We returned home to Hungary early this am. Such a long drive and we got a late start from Italy. We didn't leave there until about 5 or so and got home 4:30 this am!! Talk about tired!!
It was a great trip and we got to meet the people at the Padova fellowship. Such a sweet group of people and we are excited about the work the Lord wants to do there and also all over Italy!
It was strange to be in a big city and smell all the different smells, fight traffic and be surrounded by so many things! After 7 yrs here in Baja with a population just under 40,000, I realized how used to my surroundings I am. It's weird to think that we will drive more and I can't just walk everywhere. In Baja, it's so easy to get around and just use the car for cold days and food shopping!

Trying to find a place to live is proving to be quite a challenge! In Italy a place is usually furnished or not furnished. Unfurnished is great since we have our furniture already but unfurnished usually means no kitchen either!! AH-what a difference! Then, if you look at a furnished place, you have all their style-which wouldn't really bother me, but I mean their pictures on the walls (weather you like it or not) and their furniture which a lot of times is old! We looked at a couple places yesterday but nothing really worked for us. One was nice, but a bit further than we would like and also no kitchen whatsoever. Plus, we want the students to feel free to visit us on weekends and it would be too difficult to travel by train. Hopefully we can find some places to look at the end of June when we return.

Please keep our house hunting in prayer and all the packing!
Also for our little granddaughter-Juliet. She is home now and I can't wait to get some pictures!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grandbaby is born!!!

Christina gave birth to her little girl around 9:30pm Monday!!!! She weighs in at 8lbs 15oz. Congratulations Christina and Bryan!! Can't wait to see a picture!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


We travelled to Vajta on Tues night with a group from the church to celebrate Sharpi's graduation from bible college. He is officially the first graduate from Baja after all these years!! We are so proud of him-he's been so faithful and such a committed servant. He will continue serving as the youth leader here in the church.

Here are a few photos from the graduation.

The Graduate
He looks at home here !!!

Sharpi's Dad, Mom, Zita, sister Szandra

Magdi and Andi

Yes, we are very proud

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New blog

We decided to start a blog about all the goings on around here. We want to keep everyone updated regularly as to what's going on and also have a place we can post pictures for all to see.
So.........hope you will enjoy reading it and please leave us some nice comments if you stop by :)