Friday, November 7, 2008

Randon thoughts

Election Day........hmmm.......well, I can't say I am surprised by the outcome. While I am extremely disappointed in who was elected, life continues. It might be because I just finished my study in 1 & 2 Kings, but reading through you see the ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly (ha ha-sorry I couldn't resist).
The story of Jehu is one that really stood out to me. (2 Kings Chapter 10)Here we see Jehu used and commended by the Lord for the good he did yet the last things written about him was that he didn't walk in the ways of the Lord with all his heart. For whatever reasons, they aren't written for us to read, Jehu wasn't willing to give the Lord his whole heart. I certainly wouldn't want that as the commentary on my life. What a challenge to go before the Lord as David did and ask Him to search us and know us, to cleanse us and fill us with more and more of Him! Let's not be half-hearted Christians!

So, I said I would show you some pictures of our kitchen. Ok-well here we go ( I even have a couple bonus shots for you) :)

In the first picture you will see that this is my dish drainer. The drainers is built in to the cupboard and you stack your clean dishes in there and it drains on the sink-I am getting the hang of it now. First few days I was putting stuff in there and it would fall out. One night I put a bowl in there and it actually fell out, hit me on the lip and gave me a sore inside! How's that....I think if there are strange things that are going to happen they will happen to me. I am convinced it has nothing to do with my hair coloring (tho that's another story...starting to show the roots) it is just that a word? I always wanted to use it but didn't know when and now seems like a good time!

Without further ado, here is the drain..

Pretty cool huh-it's not bad getting the water off the sink either-just drips a bit

Now for the cupboards:

Pretty nice wouldn't you say. They are used, but I like them a lot and they hold a lot! I love all my pitchers/urns whatever you call them. You can find them all over here for so cheap!

Here is the bonus feature. Not only will I include the photo but I will include some advice. Little tidbits from an older woman (yes I said older not old!!!) GLOVES! I love wearing gloves! I never thought of it until we moved to Italy. Here, everyone wears them! There is a huge selection in the grocery store. Trust me! It took me a good 15 minutes to figure out which ones to buy. I don't know why I didn't wear them before. They protect your hands from all the chemicals, hot water, etc. Start wearing them to do dishes, mop, etc. They really do protect your hands. I will say that I purchased some cheap yellow ones and they don't hold up as well. Maybe for doing dishes they are fine, but mopping, cleaning windows, all that heavy stuff they didn't last too long. I found these blue ones and they are so comfortable!! Wow-who knew I could write a paragraph about gloves!! Ha ha. ok-here are mine:

(as I think about it, it is kind of strange that I actually took a picture of these)

Ok-well I think I spoiled you enough today with all these wonderful photos.

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice-lift up holy hands to our God, the Maker of all things :)


momy4him said...

hi margie! how are you?
i am feeling a bit like jehu at the moment. i feel like i am not following the Lord with my whole heart...but i'm not sure what to do about it...please pray for guidance and wisdom.
your new kitchen looks great!

Amber Lea said...

i lovin' the gloves! :)