Friday, January 28, 2011


So,,,(did your English teacher teach you never to start a sentence with the word so? Mine did and I am always breaking the rule!!) did you google RèVive? If so did you find the price and gasp aloud thinking 'oh my goodness, I thought she served in ministry however does she afford such a product?!!! You did didn't you? It's ok because I would have done the same thing lol!!!

Let me tell you the story....

The other night after frustratingly(yeah, thinkin' that's not a word) trying to pry open the wooden fixture in the bathroom containing all my beauty products I came to the realization that there must be too many said products in the drawers and shelves because they no longer open with ease. This is an adventure in itself and causes all kinds of conversations in my head while trying to decide what to keep and what to dispose of.

Yes, I WILL wear those glittery press on nails one day, probably the same day I put those cute fake eyelashes on. At the thought of actually trying to adhere glue to a substance that will touch my eye I shudder. It would be the next Facebook status-"um, I hope I am typing correctly, you see I am blind now, well, not actually blind, I just can't open my eye anymore" Yes, that is why those cute looking eyelashes remain in a package, unused, awaiting the day I round up the courage to glue them to my eyes!

Well, this chore quickly became a little treasure hunt as I moved this and that out of the way, reached way in the back to find a few samples of various products accumulated over the years and lo and behold I found a couple samples of face and eye cream. Well, I decided, hey, I need this stuff!! I found the one skin cream with the desciption "cellular repair" rather fascinating. Repairing my! How exciting! Later that evening I decided to google this stuff and find out what it actually means that my cells would now be renewed. I landed a gold mine I tell you! This stuff has promised to provide immediate improvement to my prematurely aging skin. How does it do that you may has this neato ingredient called a 'youth molecule'. Yep you heard it here folks!! So, if you need some youth renewing, head on over to your favorite department store, go directly to the make-up counter and it can be yours for a mere $195.00!!!!!!!!

After reading about all these promises I slathered the stuff all over my face-it has to be good if it costs that much right!! I still have no idea where this good sized sample of gold came from but I was tickled pink when I happened to turn the jar upside down and noticed it won't even expire until 12/11. I am good to go. Now, a word of warning, when you do see me next you are probably going to have a hard time recognizing me-you might be doing a double take-I will most likely look years younger with all this celluar renewal going so please be prepared.

All this got me to thinking about treasuring God's Word. All these treasures just there waiting for us to find. Sometimes we have to dig deep, other times it's right there clear as day. There is something waiting for us to use and to apply to our lives daily. Little nuggets we can breathe in, journal about, pray into our very heart.

How much money do women spend on trying to renew their youthful looks? I hear it is so much! They will buy a product no matter what the cost just because it says it will help them to achieve their goal of looking younger. Products that promise to renew, refresh, regenerate, restore, revive and by the millions women line up to buy the next bottle of promise.

How much more does God's Word promise us! He promises to renew us-renew our minds, our strength, to give us refreshment, to revive us! Ah, and the best part is that the price for all of this has been paid. All we have to do is receive it!

Sometimes there are treasures in our bible that we have read and never quite understood the meaning behind the scripture until one day, like a light bulb, it hits us and there is such an incredible joy as the Holy Spirit has spoken this Word to our hearts and opened up our understanding to what He is teaching us. I remember so well taking a women's bible class and one reading John 14:26. I couldn't believe what I was reading! I had been a Christian for years by this time and had never ever realized what this verse was saying. It was one of the most life changing verses for me. For so many years I lived like the story "The Little Enginge That Could" I would wake up and tell myself "I think I can, I think I can" I can be a good Mom today, I can be a good wife today, I can be a good Christian today, I can, I can, I can,,,,always ending with the same result....I can't I can't I can't! How frustrating was my Christian life! I could never achieve what I thought God wanted me to be. And then, this day I read this verse and realize I had it all wrong. The only part I had right was "I can't" Oh but the joy and the freedom to finally realize that God already knew that I couldn't. He didn't even expect me to do these things on my own. He knew that when I tried, I would fail. This verse illuminated such truth into my life. It is HIM!!! It is His work in me!!! He will teach me, He will remind me, He will lead me and guide me, He will direct my path!! What a relief! Talk about renewal!

Dear sisters, is your bible your treasure? Is it something you pick up and dig into each day and find new hope, new joy, new strength. Is God's Word where you go to be renewed, refreshed, revived. Perhaps like my little 'wonder cream' that was sitting in the drawer for atleast two years now without my noticing it, there is something hidden in His Word for you today. I must have moved that little cream jar a hundred times and never bothered to look close enough at it to see what it was. There may be a special verse that God wants to reveal to you today-you have read it before, you have heard teachings on it before, but today, He wants to open it up to you, to apply it to your life personally and renew your heart and mind.

Thank you for praying

Dear friends,
I thank you so much for praying! My migraine has gone away for now and though I didn't fall asleep until 4am last night-toss, turn, toss, turn---I awoke refreshed enough to rearrange furniture!! Oh yes indeedy! Why is it that we women think that when our Misters go away it is suddenly time to change the look of the house!! Oh my! Well, this is my five minute break :)
I will be back later tonight after the Mister arrives home long enough to give me a kiss, tell me how much he missed me this week and is in awe of the newly rearranged living area-then he is off again to bible study (yippee, he started a Friday night study)
Here's a sneak peek at today's Part Due (that's doo-ee). Off to put some make up on so I don't scare hubby upon his arrival!! Fear not, I am not selling it !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Terrible awful yucky painful migraine equals no post because my head hurts too much to think clearly. Yes, it happens to blondes!!
Hopefully tomorrow :)
Please pray this pain goes away!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Jesus

I heard this song years ago when we lived in Hungary and looked for it on You Tube (yes, it's nice to be a missionary these days with all the advanced technology!!)and immediately knew it would become a favorite.
The words in the song cause us to consider our lives, even as Christians, especially as Christians.
Well,,,,I had a big ole post written about things on my heart but decided to erase it and just let you listen to the song.
I am thankful that I know of many churches where Jesus is welcome!
Yes, there are some graphic scenes in this video, but it's from a movie depicting the life of our Jesus. I always thought it interesting when people talked about how gruesome this movie was. It is very difficult to watch, but even in the worst of scenes you could still recognize the character playing Jesus. The Bible tells us He was beaten beyond recognition.
Sometimes I need a little wake-up call. A little reminder that not having my flavored coffee cream isn't going to ruin my day. Ok-that's enough. I am not going to rewrite my post!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Great A Love

A couple people I know are suffering through cancer right now. One of them started chemo the other day and the other had another surgery yesterday to remove another lump. As I thought and prayed for them and their families I found myself saying something all too familiar...something like 'and whatever happens Lord, may it be used to bring You glory.' For the rest of the day I thought and cried over this statement. I wondered what does it really mean when I pray that. We hear that phrase so often as Christians that it is easy to become numb to the words and their meaning and just say it because it is the thing to say at the end of a prayer for those in need.
Did it mean that even though these women must suffer and their families too, that if someone gets saved through it then it was worth it? Does it mean if a prodical comes back to the Lord because of it that it was worth it? Is that what it means to see God glorified in suffering? In a matter of time I actually found myself saying to the Lord that if it meant that people would be saved into Eternity than please afflict me. If those I know and love would give their lives to You completely, then please afflict me." Sadly, as soon as I said it, the self preservation in me came out. "Oh no, what did I just say, I didn't really mean it Lord, I don't want to suffer affliction. Following that, I mourned. I mourned the fact that after all these years of being a Christian, of serving the Lord, teaching others to trust and obey, to surrender all, I still count my life dear to myself.
I went and put on some music and then became engrossed in the words to this song:(I don't know why it's not coming out full screen but I think if you click on it, it will take you to the song on You Tube and you can see the words no problem)

What greater love is there? Truly there is none. As I looked on You Tube for all the words of the song I realized all the more this great love of God for all of us. He was willing to suffer, to be beaten, to be bruised, to live among mankind though He was a King, to leave His rightful throne and all because of us. In everything that He did, God was glorified. In suffering, in pain, in humiliation, scorn-all that He endured, His Father was glorified. He didn't count His life dear to Himself. He gave Himself a ransom for all.

And by the end of the day, it would be nice to say that I came to the point of complete willingness to be afflicted in whatever way God would be glorified through it-and yet it would be a lie if I said that happened. The closest I came was to say, "Lord, please make me willing to be willing" Willing to be, to do, to endure anything and everything that would glorify You."

Monday, January 10, 2011

The P Word

Are you wondering what the P word is? Could stand for a lot of different things.
Let's see...promise, pretty, power, pleasing, polish, pizza,(since I live in Italy) pain...

Well it could stand for pain because I have been in a lot of it lately. For the past week my back has been so bad I can barely sleep at night. We think a disk slipped a bit because something is puffed up and something else is slanting. Fun stuff. The heating pad and some medicine have been my companions the past week! Can't wait for the rainy weather to go away!! Jim's ankle is always painful when this kind of weather comes around so I don't think it would be a good time to call and ask us to help you move!!

Ok-back to the

Do you ever have those days where you are prayed up, read up, and just all around you feel at peace in your heart and nothing major is going wrong. Of course for me, it's very easy to fall into the "check list trap" as I call it:

Read my bible.....check

spoke nicely to Mr Lovey....check (yes I have decided to change the names to protect - myself the innocent)
cleaned the house....check

And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you find yourself smack in the middle of something unexpectant. This was a scene from the Lovey's the other day:

Mrs Lovey was at her computer computing away when suddenly a notice appeared with a warning that something had gone array. "What" Mrs Lovey screamed.."how could that be? I am so careful about what is allowed on my computer. What do you mean there is a virus on this computer? Surely there must be a mistake." Well, Mrs. Lovey rambled and scrambled about trying with all her might to 'fix it' on her own so as not to disturb Mr. Lovey about such a problem. After all, Mrs Lovey did not want to get a lecture about being sure to update her computer, making sure there is a virus protection on it etc. You see, not long ago, Mrs Lovey decided that her virus protection program made her computer too slow so she decided to uninstall it...Mr Lovey wasn't happy about that! Well, nothing was working so Mrs Lovey had to go to Mr Lovey's room office and tell him about the problem. Mr. Lovey gave her one of those looks-you know the kind most Loveys like to give when they know they were right and you were wrong-to her computer he went, fiddling and faddling, saying a couple things that she really didn't understand or even try to understand. After a short while, Mrs Lovey began to get a real bad case of the 'impatience' The tell tale signs were there..worming and squirming, looking over Mr Lovey's shoulders telling him that she could take things from there and that she probably knew a little more about fixing this than he did -all because she didn't have the "P" word! She started pacing around a bit more, her cheeks were getting flustered with aggrevation until there was a warm feeling inside, not a warm fuzzy feeling, but a reddish sense-maybe the color of anger, started welling up inside because this was happening TO HER!! Why was it happening to her!!! After all, Mrs Lovey didn't go to yucky sites, didn't download illegal things, didn't do any of the things that would cause a virus in her little ole computer. Well, Mr. Lovey lovingly fixed her computer, although he might have hinted a time or two that she was very impatient...hmm....

A little later in the evening, Mrs Lovey went to lay her head on her pillow and get a good night's rest. While trying to sleep, the "P" word kept being repeated over and over in her mind until she had to finally say "Lord, I have no patience...I really am not good at this whole patience thing'. Mrs Lovey can have patience for big things, but is realizing that it is in the small things, the unexpectant things that seem to come from space that patience is lacking. Reaction rather than prayer, words rather than silence. When things don't go the way she planned or a little glitch comes along she has a hard time exercising patience. Then, Mrs Lovey started realizing how pride can come into play in all this. When we have checked off our check list it is so easy to think that we will have some smooth sailing or if anything does come our way, we are ready for it. We did everything we were supposed to do and didn't do the things we weren't supposed to do so why are these things happening!!!!

Perhaps they happen because God wants to use them to show us things in our lives that need some working on! We pray often to be conformed to His image, to be more and more like Him. These types of things are what He chooses to use in our lives to answer those prayers. He doesn't want us to be content with where we are in our walk with Him. He wants to challenge us more and more to let go of things, to make changes in our lives.

I love the scripture in James 1:4 Let patience have its perfect work. The word 'let' reminds me that it is a choice. I have to choose to let patience be in my life. Daily, moment by moment, when the strange and weird things come my way,,,let patience work in me!

I hear the Loveys are doing well. Mr. Lovey is back to his office and Mrs Lovey is computing away on her updated, viral free computer. There was a great blessing in store for Mrs Lovey in the end but that will have to wait for another post because there is a story behind that too -albeit a good one! Isn't it amazing that someone like Mrs Lovey could be so blessed after being so ...well....kind of sort of mean?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today in Italy it is Epiphany and also the celebration of Befana. Here is the information on Befana I found online:
La Befana is one of Italy's oldest and most celebrated legends. Each year on January 6 the children of Italy awaken in hopes that La Befana has made a visit to their house. This is a significant day to Italians because it marks the end of the Christmas season and the day that the three Wise Men arrived at the manger of the Christ child. Over the years the Epiphany has been a more celebrated holiday for the children of Italy than even Christmas.

Sounds normal enough right-kind of like St Nicholas Day in most of Europe. The legend behind Befana really grabbed my attention recently. Read on: (It's a bit lengthy but worth the read)

As legend has it the three Wise Men were in search of the Christ child when they decided to stop at a small house to ask for directions. Upon knocking, an old woman holding a broom opened the door slightly to see who was there. Standing at her doorstep were three colorfully dressed men who were in need of directions to find the Christ child. The old woman was unaware of who these three men were looking for and could not point them in the right direction. Prior to the three men leaving they kindly asked the old woman to join them on their journey. She declined because she had much housework to do. After they left she felt as though she had made a mistake and decided to go and catch up with the kind men. After many hours of searching she could not find them. Thinking of the opportunity she had missed the old woman stopped every child to give them a small treat in hopes that one was the Christ child. Each year on the eve of the Epiphany she sets out looking for the baby Jesus. She stops at each child's house to leave those who were good treats in their stockings and those who were bad a lump of coal.

Can you see where I am going with this! Of course it is all legend but I find it a very interesting one. The part of the legend that struck a chord with me is how Befana was too busy to go and look for Jesus with the Wise Men and now she spends her days searching and searching hoping that it isn't too late.
What a great application! God can even use legends passed down from generation to generation to make a point.
Today we find that so many people are too busy-they are busy studying, working, fixing up their homes, going here and there and they have no time for Jesus. How many times do we hear the excuses why people don't want to come to church, why they aren't interested in even knowing who Jesus is. Many say they will get around to it once they have more time, or when they are older. Remember the parable of the Great Supper? (Luke 14:15) The master had prepared a feast and sent his servant to invite many to the feast. One by one, they all made excuses-buying land, busy with family, busy with work. The master became angry at all their excuses! There is nothing new under the sun! The same excuses today as were back in the day of the parable. They don't have time come away and sit with Jesus. Everything else takes priority.

Sadly, even Christians have fallen into this category. Christians who once were at the church- for every bible study, every time the doors were open and something was going on, there there were. They didn't mind that they might lose an hour or two of sleep if the study was in the evening-they were going to hear the Word, be in fellowship. Fellowship and the Word were priority.

Here in Italy people are known for their dedication to housework. This is another thing I find particulary interesting about the legend of Befana. She was doing a good thing-cleaning her house. But, her housework took priority over finding Jesus! Maybe I am stretching a bit in my comparison, but please indulge me a bit :) In some cultures where women are all about their housework, we see Jesus and the study of the Word can take a back seat. It is like the story of Martha and Mary. Martha was doing what was good, after all, someone had to prepare the meal right! But Jesus said that Mary had chosen the better part. What was Mary doing? She was sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening and learning-taking in all that she could from Him.

So, what is the point of all this??? Should we forget about housework-of course *NOT* just a joke!! Should we not do our job, our schooling, spend quality time with our families? We are to do all these things-everything that God gives us to do we are to do and do it mightily, as unto Him. However; none of these things should take precedence over Him and His Word. Spending time with Jesus and getting to know Him should be priority in our lives.

Just like the legend of Befana-she still searches today hoping it isn't too late. She rides around on her little broom hoping to find Jesus. There will be a day when it is too late. Don't harden your heart towards His voice, His beckoning, His calling.
Christian, don't harden your heart either. Don't become so preoccupied with life that you don't have time to sit at His feet. In Matthew 6 Jesus talks to us about not worrying where we will get our food, our clothing. He will take care of everything we need. Often times we mix up the order of things. We think everything else needs to come first and what time we have left over can be given to God. No, He says that we are to seek Him first, seek His kingdom first. He knows what we have need of. He knows our finances, how many hours of sleep we actually need, the tests and exams that are coming up. Take your schedule and give it to Him. Yes, be faithful in your job, your home-with all your responsibilities; but do not use what God has given you as an excuse to put Him off. He gave you that job, He gave you that family, the intelligence to go to school, the home you live in, etc. He gave them to us, but He didn't give them so they could take priority.

Let's make it our priority to truly seek after the things of God, to put nothing or anyone in His rightful place in our lives.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I wonder how many of you slept through the night last night with my little teaser of a word yesterday. Ha ha, sorry I can't help myself sometimes :)

It's the time of year when many make New Years resolutions. It's not something I usually do-it's more of a constant thing every so many months for me-wanting to make changes here and there in my life and attitude. Last night, a word came to me once again that I have been hearing over and over again for the past week. Jim and I drove to Switzerland the other day and listened to a few messages along the way. We were going through Pastor Damian's teachings on 1Kings and he spoke firmly about this word and it struck a chord with me. Then, last night the word came up again as I was reading and I realized the Lord was getting my attention and I wanted this to be my 'word' for the year. (not just for a year but you get the point). What is that word the Lord is speaking
Listening to the message I could feel a little twinge in my bones-you know the kind you get when you know it pertains to you! What does it benefit us if we just read the Word without obeying what it says. I don't consider myself a disobeyer (is that a word) but realized there are areas of my life that I miss the mark. It's easy to find myself partially obeying certain areas rather than completely.

As you can see I circled the word 'incomplete'. This was the perfect word I was looking for. If we think about it, there's a huge market for 1/2 and 1/2 or partial of things. Don't want all the caffeine, well there is half caffeine coffee; 1/2 the fat in this ice cream, even places of worship where only half the truth is being told. Partial-not complete! It can be fine for foods or drink but when it comes to our spiritual lives this word should not exist. Think about our kids and when we ask them to do something. How frustrating it is when they don't obey or even partially do what we tell them to do. It can be the same when we read our bibles. We read, mediate on the Word, pray and then go about our day. It's easy to find ourselves partially obeying what we read-I like obeying the easy parts, the fun parts, the parts I am not struggling in, but the more challenging parts -that's a different story.

Let's learn to completely obey what we read and what we hear from the Word and do it completely.

So there you have it-obedience to the Word! Not just making a plan to read it each day but to obey what God is saying to me even when it's challenging!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Preview

Just a little hint of what one of tomorrow's topics will be about :) I decided to post now in case I forget tomorrow lol..

New Year

I am ready to start blogging again!! It has been something I keep wanting to do again but either don't have the time or just not sure about what to say.
Proverbs 29:11 says "A fool vents all his feelings but a wise man holds them back". Sometimes in wanting to blog it's been because I want to vent and this scripture always comes back to me. It's hard to know at times when it's ok to write what is really on your heart and when it's best to remain quiet.
My heart in having this blog is to keep you informed as to what is going on here in Padova, what the Lord is doing/saying and then of course the daily or almost daily flips and flops of my life.

So,,,are you reading your one year bible? Don't get frustrated if you miss some days-just pick up and go to the day and if you can, go back to the dates you missed. It's overwhelming if we miss some days and then we think we can never catch up-just do what you can do, but do it with all your heart.
Let's get this blogging started :)
ciao for now