Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Jesus

I heard this song years ago when we lived in Hungary and looked for it on You Tube (yes, it's nice to be a missionary these days with all the advanced technology!!)and immediately knew it would become a favorite.
The words in the song cause us to consider our lives, even as Christians, especially as Christians.
Well,,,,I had a big ole post written about things on my heart but decided to erase it and just let you listen to the song.
I am thankful that I know of many churches where Jesus is welcome!
Yes, there are some graphic scenes in this video, but it's from a movie depicting the life of our Jesus. I always thought it interesting when people talked about how gruesome this movie was. It is very difficult to watch, but even in the worst of scenes you could still recognize the character playing Jesus. The Bible tells us He was beaten beyond recognition.
Sometimes I need a little wake-up call. A little reminder that not having my flavored coffee cream isn't going to ruin my day. Ok-that's enough. I am not going to rewrite my post!!

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