Monday, September 2, 2013

Prayer and Praise

Thank you to everyone who partners with us here in Padova.  We are heading into our 5th year here and excited about the things that are going on.  It's been many years of praying and waiting and to be honest even questioning at times.  This past year was especially difficult with health issues, heartaches and waiting for God to do what He has promised.  It's in those times that it becomes easy to be discouraged and yet the Lord continually gave great comfort and strength with each new trial.  He has been faithful to remind us of what He spoke to our hearts years ago and brings blessings when we least expect them.

We had a wonderful time at the annual Missions Conf in Austria.  Always a time of refreshment and encouragement with others and the teachings are a wonderful reminder to keep our eyes on the Lord and His Word and not to be distracted.  I go away feeling like so many of the messages were hand picked just for me  :)  

Tonight we have 4 girls arriving-3 are living in Austria and 1 just finished SOS in Austria and has a week before going back to the states.  We are thrilled they will be with us for the sole purpose of walking around the city and praying.  I love the promise the Lord gave to Joshua-'every place the sole of your foot touches will be yours'.  This is our mission this next week.  Walk and pray.  The university students will be arriving towards the end of the month and we want to cover them in prayer.  Our university has over 65,000 students and for the past 4 years many have been praying for them and us and how to minister to them.

We have also been looking for a building to rent for our church.  We have been meeting at a Community Center for the past years and though we greatly appreciate the fact that it is free of charge, it is not in a location that is easily accessible to those walking or taking public transportation.   We have been searching for a place closer to the city center and within walking distance for the students.  Last week Jim went to meet with different owners/realtors of several properties.  He found the one that seems to fit all of our needs and then some.  
This storefront is in a great location-easy to walk to, has parking and within walking distance to the train station.  The brick building above is for sale by a different owner.  It was actually a school.  What's great about that is we have been praying with Greg and Alice about having a Christian nursery/preschool one day. Alice is taking an exam this week that would give her the qualification to teach.  We would like to rent the bottom part and use it for church, English classes, guitar lessons, etc and then be in prayer to see about getting the top part.   

Marla is interviewing for a job in Milano this coming Friday.  She would get her own apartment and be very close to the train station and city center.  She's also excited because there are plenty of Sushi restaurants in the area :)

So, how can you be praying for us and CC Padova?  Let me tell  you :)

*Jim's health.  He needs an angiogram to check his arteries-pray the doctor will give him the referral he needs.
*Margie's back-I found a surgeon about an hour away.  I am going to make an appointment for him to examine my back but need to have the doctor in our town refer me so I don't have to pay. Patience as I await test results I had done last week.
*Home fellowship group about 45 min from us to start up soon
*Greg and Alice to be able to buy a car for their growing family
*That the finances needed for a years worth of rent on the storefront building would be provided.  
*A great week of prayer with Rebecca, Michele, Laura and Briana as we walk around Padova.
*Marla to get the job in Milano
*An abundance of God's grace, wisdom and love as we serve here in Padova. 
*Chris Brown-a faithful servant who travels an hour to Padova each week to reach out to the university students.  Also for Aoife (Ifa) who will be serving with him this year.  She is a sweet gal from Ireland who was in Padova last year.
*Finances for Jim to be able to go to the states for a visit

A couple pictures from the conference

Celebrating Marla's 25th