Prayer Requests and Updates

Dear Friends,
Well, they say never to go shopping when you are hungry and I believe that the enemy would also like to tell us never to write to anyone when we are in need!  However; we know that prayer is essential and vital to all of our lives and so with that in mind, we once again request your fervent prayers!
We were at the Missions Conf in Austria a couple weeks ago and received a message letting us know that the Commune has decided they don't have enough money and will not allow us to use their building on Fridays and Sundays any longer unless we pay 400 euro per month.  The other option is to perform community service in lieu of payment.  Well, that seemed like an amazing answer to prayer. 
We have been praying for more opportunities to be involved in the community and this seems perfect for us. 
We sent in the proposal of what we are able to do:  Guitar lessons, teaching English, helping children with their English homework, driving the senior citizens to doctor appts/doing their shopping, as well as preparing concerts for Christmas, Easter and Summertime.  These are all events the Commune gave options for. 
As you can see by the list, they are wonderful opportunities for us to be involved in so many ways here.  We want to believe that God has His hand in all of this.
Dino, one of the guys in our church, has a meeting with them tomorrow,(hopefully) to find out if they will accept our offers or not. Please, please pray for this meeting!!!!
We have shared with many of you about Padova, about Italy.  So many believe there is no need for missionaries here because after all, it is a "Christian" nation. Sorry, but that is just not the way it is.  This is a battleground here-it has for years and years been steeped in religiosity and tradition.  Now, people have turned away from the church and God.
Jim has had many opportunities lately to talk with musicians and other guys at the park we did the concert in here in Padova.  You wouldn't believe the hatred, yes, I said hatred, that some have towards the church and absolutely no understanding of the God of the Bible!!  They listen to him though, so we are encouraged by their response to Jim.  We believe God wants to continue to work in these guys lives.  They are 'normal' guys.  Typical of what you see all around-but inside absolutely no desire for the things of God.  Can you see how the enemy has such a stronghold on this country.  Italy needs your prayers!!!! 
We would ask that you not only pray for Padova, and the other Calvary Chapels here, but perhaps pray about fasting for this country and those of us serving over here.  This country is a facade-beauty on the outside, but inside dead man's bones. 
We look at Italy as the days when Pastor Chuck reached out to the generation of those rebelling against everything in society.  This is where I believe the youth/college aged group of Italy are at.  Rebellion, new age, tired of the gov't, tired of the church as they know it.  They are a people who need Jesus desperately but have no idea they need Him because to them they have all they need. 
Please pray for favor with the Commune-that they would allow us to continue using the building for church services and that they would accept our offer to do these things in the city. 
Pray that God would renew our hearts, fill us afresh with the power of the Holy Spirit
For unity of the saints
Joy in serving, not to grow weary
For Greg and Alice as they continue to loook for an apt in Padova to come along side and serve with us
For Lorenzo and Bethany-Lorenzo is in need of a guitar for worship
Pray for us as a team that we will seek the Lord daily, encourage and lift one another up.
Pray for the families in our church to desire to grow more in their relationship with the Lord.
Please pray for miracles here in Padova and all over Italy! 
We are thankful, really we are, for all  your prayers.  God moved mightily when we asked for prayer for the concerts and we know as we stand together, He will again.
Praising Him that we don't have to be silent, we don't have to pretend we have it all together-but we can cry out and seek His will, His favor!
In love,
Jim and Margie