Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guess what?????????

I am actually writing this post on my very own desktop, from my very own home!! What is so interesting about that you might ask....well.....that means we have internet! Yes dear friends and family we have finally rejoined the wired households of the world. Ah, but did you happen to notice I said "wired". Yes, we ordered a wireless modem and they hooked up the wrong one. No problem right...........WRONG!!! Jim phoned the telephone company today and after about a half hour they said.."Ok, we will be out on Nov. 21 with your WIFI modem". What a great birthday present that will be for Jim! Amazing isn't it!
So, other than that, things are taking shape in our home. God totally blessed us with a kitchen. We were searching and searching and went into a few used stores but they were still expensive. We kept trying to go to a certain used store but always missed the hours-remember...things close between 1-4. Finally we made it there and found a kitchen! The price was amazing and though it took some elbow grease to clean it, it looks great in the kitchen! Lots of cupboards which I love! (You can see the pics in future post) We had to buy a stove top but it came with the oven. I was able to get some good oven cleaner and scrub it out and it looks brand new! Pastor Craig came over for the day and installed the cupboards, sink, electricity and gas. What a help he is!
I have been reading 1 and 2 Kings the past months for my devotions and have been learning so much! There is a certain sadness as you read about all the different kings and you watch the decline of a nation because of compromise and pride. It never starts out big...as an account is given for each leader it often says the one did worse than the one before. How sad to see that this happens and what a great warning to us all. Yet, in the midst of the evil, good could be found. What a hope that is! What encouragement for us!
Sandy Dunn was telling me years ago about reading a Proverb a day-since then, I have tried to be diligent to that. Jim and I were talking the other day about it and how you can read God's Word so often and yet still not grasp all there is in it. I was reading Proverbs 24 (on the 24th :) ) and v10-If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strentgh is small. Wow, it about threw me off my seat. I was having one of those days..maybe even weeks...and God really challenged me through those words. I don't want small strength!
If you would, please pray for me-for strength, increased faith and to keep my mind fixed on Him!
Here are some pictures...I have so many I want to upload but it would take too long so I will add a few at a time.
These are from Scharpie and Zita's wedding and the kids are some of the kids at the church in Padova. ( I know I look like a camera hog huh!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A month later.................

Hi there everyone! We are still alive and sort of kicking. Kicking at the goads perhaps :) Just had to say a quick hello and that we have no internet yet! We have waited a month and the guy finally arrived yesterday and then couldn't find the cables underground.
I have decided we should start an internship over here. It would be one for those who desire to grow the fruit of the Spirit in their lives in a hands on atmosphere! Patience is something we have all prayed for and here in Italy you will have the opportunity to work that out in your life. Gentleness, now that is a good one too-hmmm, sort of like when the worker finally shows up at your door to do some work and you have this joy beaming from within you that Yes, we will accomplish something today, and only to have him put up his hands and tell you he has no clue. Yes folks, gentleness....self conrol...........oh I love that one! I think we will leave any explanation of that fruit out of the blog post for today. LOL!
So, we came to Hungary to get our Visas. They were to have arrived the last time we came to get them-but alas, decided to wait til a couple days after we returned to Italy. Oh what fun :)

Good thing though-the Lord is continuously pouring out His grace. I love being His child. There really is nothing better than knowing we can talk with the Creator of all things! Amazing to ponder! I love His Word, His comfort and yes, even His discipline!

Praying we will get a kitchen soon-sandwiches are getting a bit old-though the cold cuts are good in Italy.

Join us in praying for the church in Baja, Padova and the bible college in Italy. The kids are awesome. We spent time with them at speakers week and got to know them a bit better. I love seeing youngsters on fire for the Lord! Such a desire to follow after the things of the Lord. They are our future!

Ok-must go now-hopefully we will be online soon! Sorry-no pictures they are on the other computer....practice that patience LOL!

Oh the matchless love of Jesus!!!!
Gloria Dio!