Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I wonder how many of you slept through the night last night with my little teaser of a word yesterday. Ha ha, sorry I can't help myself sometimes :)

It's the time of year when many make New Years resolutions. It's not something I usually do-it's more of a constant thing every so many months for me-wanting to make changes here and there in my life and attitude. Last night, a word came to me once again that I have been hearing over and over again for the past week. Jim and I drove to Switzerland the other day and listened to a few messages along the way. We were going through Pastor Damian's teachings on 1Kings and he spoke firmly about this word and it struck a chord with me. Then, last night the word came up again as I was reading and I realized the Lord was getting my attention and I wanted this to be my 'word' for the year. (not just for a year but you get the point). What is that word the Lord is speaking
Listening to the message I could feel a little twinge in my bones-you know the kind you get when you know it pertains to you! What does it benefit us if we just read the Word without obeying what it says. I don't consider myself a disobeyer (is that a word) but realized there are areas of my life that I miss the mark. It's easy to find myself partially obeying certain areas rather than completely.

As you can see I circled the word 'incomplete'. This was the perfect word I was looking for. If we think about it, there's a huge market for 1/2 and 1/2 or partial of things. Don't want all the caffeine, well there is half caffeine coffee; 1/2 the fat in this ice cream, even places of worship where only half the truth is being told. Partial-not complete! It can be fine for foods or drink but when it comes to our spiritual lives this word should not exist. Think about our kids and when we ask them to do something. How frustrating it is when they don't obey or even partially do what we tell them to do. It can be the same when we read our bibles. We read, mediate on the Word, pray and then go about our day. It's easy to find ourselves partially obeying what we read-I like obeying the easy parts, the fun parts, the parts I am not struggling in, but the more challenging parts -that's a different story.

Let's learn to completely obey what we read and what we hear from the Word and do it completely.

So there you have it-obedience to the Word! Not just making a plan to read it each day but to obey what God is saying to me even when it's challenging!

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