Friday, January 28, 2011


So,,,(did your English teacher teach you never to start a sentence with the word so? Mine did and I am always breaking the rule!!) did you google RèVive? If so did you find the price and gasp aloud thinking 'oh my goodness, I thought she served in ministry however does she afford such a product?!!! You did didn't you? It's ok because I would have done the same thing lol!!!

Let me tell you the story....

The other night after frustratingly(yeah, thinkin' that's not a word) trying to pry open the wooden fixture in the bathroom containing all my beauty products I came to the realization that there must be too many said products in the drawers and shelves because they no longer open with ease. This is an adventure in itself and causes all kinds of conversations in my head while trying to decide what to keep and what to dispose of.

Yes, I WILL wear those glittery press on nails one day, probably the same day I put those cute fake eyelashes on. At the thought of actually trying to adhere glue to a substance that will touch my eye I shudder. It would be the next Facebook status-"um, I hope I am typing correctly, you see I am blind now, well, not actually blind, I just can't open my eye anymore" Yes, that is why those cute looking eyelashes remain in a package, unused, awaiting the day I round up the courage to glue them to my eyes!

Well, this chore quickly became a little treasure hunt as I moved this and that out of the way, reached way in the back to find a few samples of various products accumulated over the years and lo and behold I found a couple samples of face and eye cream. Well, I decided, hey, I need this stuff!! I found the one skin cream with the desciption "cellular repair" rather fascinating. Repairing my! How exciting! Later that evening I decided to google this stuff and find out what it actually means that my cells would now be renewed. I landed a gold mine I tell you! This stuff has promised to provide immediate improvement to my prematurely aging skin. How does it do that you may has this neato ingredient called a 'youth molecule'. Yep you heard it here folks!! So, if you need some youth renewing, head on over to your favorite department store, go directly to the make-up counter and it can be yours for a mere $195.00!!!!!!!!

After reading about all these promises I slathered the stuff all over my face-it has to be good if it costs that much right!! I still have no idea where this good sized sample of gold came from but I was tickled pink when I happened to turn the jar upside down and noticed it won't even expire until 12/11. I am good to go. Now, a word of warning, when you do see me next you are probably going to have a hard time recognizing me-you might be doing a double take-I will most likely look years younger with all this celluar renewal going so please be prepared.

All this got me to thinking about treasuring God's Word. All these treasures just there waiting for us to find. Sometimes we have to dig deep, other times it's right there clear as day. There is something waiting for us to use and to apply to our lives daily. Little nuggets we can breathe in, journal about, pray into our very heart.

How much money do women spend on trying to renew their youthful looks? I hear it is so much! They will buy a product no matter what the cost just because it says it will help them to achieve their goal of looking younger. Products that promise to renew, refresh, regenerate, restore, revive and by the millions women line up to buy the next bottle of promise.

How much more does God's Word promise us! He promises to renew us-renew our minds, our strength, to give us refreshment, to revive us! Ah, and the best part is that the price for all of this has been paid. All we have to do is receive it!

Sometimes there are treasures in our bible that we have read and never quite understood the meaning behind the scripture until one day, like a light bulb, it hits us and there is such an incredible joy as the Holy Spirit has spoken this Word to our hearts and opened up our understanding to what He is teaching us. I remember so well taking a women's bible class and one reading John 14:26. I couldn't believe what I was reading! I had been a Christian for years by this time and had never ever realized what this verse was saying. It was one of the most life changing verses for me. For so many years I lived like the story "The Little Enginge That Could" I would wake up and tell myself "I think I can, I think I can" I can be a good Mom today, I can be a good wife today, I can be a good Christian today, I can, I can, I can,,,,always ending with the same result....I can't I can't I can't! How frustrating was my Christian life! I could never achieve what I thought God wanted me to be. And then, this day I read this verse and realize I had it all wrong. The only part I had right was "I can't" Oh but the joy and the freedom to finally realize that God already knew that I couldn't. He didn't even expect me to do these things on my own. He knew that when I tried, I would fail. This verse illuminated such truth into my life. It is HIM!!! It is His work in me!!! He will teach me, He will remind me, He will lead me and guide me, He will direct my path!! What a relief! Talk about renewal!

Dear sisters, is your bible your treasure? Is it something you pick up and dig into each day and find new hope, new joy, new strength. Is God's Word where you go to be renewed, refreshed, revived. Perhaps like my little 'wonder cream' that was sitting in the drawer for atleast two years now without my noticing it, there is something hidden in His Word for you today. I must have moved that little cream jar a hundred times and never bothered to look close enough at it to see what it was. There may be a special verse that God wants to reveal to you today-you have read it before, you have heard teachings on it before, but today, He wants to open it up to you, to apply it to your life personally and renew your heart and mind.


Mrs. Moglie said...

That was a great read - really blessed and convicted ... so, blessed again -haha-
p.s. try the lashes !! They're awesome :) more than a miracle sking cream, they will instantly make you look younger by making your eyes pop! - money back guarantee ^.^

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