Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our personal God

There are those days when I just stand in absolute amazement of how God works. He is so personal and knows everything we need. The past week was a difficult one. The poor economy effects so many and causes so many of us to really trust the Lord to provide for all we need. I kept reminding myself that God provides always and that He promised His children would never have to beg for bread.
Well, I thought I was strong and could handle things that were coming our way but suddenly I just had a really hard time. I had heard about something someone bought and it was so expensive and to me outrageous that one would pay so much on something so temporal. We were getting ready to go to Montebelluna for church on Sunday morning and I just started to cry wondering why God works the way He does. I thought aren't we even good enough to receive the crumbs that are left over? I know it sound so pathetic of me to act like that but I was having a really hard time with this. Saturday night Jim was teaching (we are going through the Psalms) and he was talking about David's heart. He did cry out to the Lord and sometimes thought things were unfair but then he paused because he knew their end and he was grieved. Honestly, I couldn't even think at this point about the person's end. I was so focused on the here and now, paying our bills, etc. and why it all seemed unfair to me! Yes, a pity party!

So, on our way to church I kept trying to focus on the truth and prepare my heart. Craig was teaching on Abraham and Lot. He talked on how Lot chose for himself and had his eye on the temporal. Then, Craig talked about how people are living for the temporal, living for the house, the pool, etc and then mentioned this item and the exact amount that was so bothering me! AHHHHH, Jim and I just looked at each other and smiled. Sounds simple I know, but to me it meant the world. It meant that God saw my tears, He saw my broken heart and my questions and He put it all in perspective for me! He does care and He cares enough to remind us of what is eternal and what is temporal. Don't we serve an amazing God! He is personal-so personal!

It's getting wintery here in Padova. The cold is creeping in and the air is quite brisk! We see snow on the mountain tops already on our way to church. It is far enough away to be pretty and not have to shovel :)
Calvary Padova is doing great! We are getting a few people who are curious to hear what we are all about and what do we think about Jesus and it's great to have them come out. Michele is a guy from the Congo and he is a regular to the church. He has an amazing voice and used to lead a choir. We want him to start one up here in Padova. His son (14) and daughter (16) came the other night and that was a treat because they have musical talent like their Dad. Michele has a heart for evangelizing so we are going to go to the city center and pass out some tracts on Saturdays. Saturdays are always a late night-we get home close to 11pm and then eat our dinner! Dinner in Italy is usually late but this is pretty late!
I pray you are blessed today and just know in your heart how personal the Lord is, how much He truely cares about even the littlest of things!!!

Here are some pictures from the summer when we had a team from Santa Barbara come and we went to Venice.

Where the Italian missionaries shop :)

after all, when in Venice........................

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cottage crew said...

Margie, thanks for your honesty in sharing your struggles. I needed a good word this morning--kind of having my own pity party on this end of town!! Yes, today God saw me and spoke to my heart through you!!

love ya, Yvonne