Monday, December 1, 2008

Strangers in the land

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you all ate to your heart's content and were reminded of many things to be thankful for!!
We had a great day-we celebrated in Montebelluna with the bible college students and staff. It was fun! We cooked a whole turkey at home which is a first for us in the last 8 years! Unfortunately, it was also the day to use our oven for the first time. Not a good time to realize that either A) you don't know how to work it properly or B) there's something wrong with the oven!
We put it in and about 1/2 hour later the top was getting very dark. Hmm, 4 more hours to go this doesn't look like a good sign! Well, after Mr Fix It, oops I mean my darling, wonderful husband looked and opened the door, looked again, opened the door yet again, we put foil over the top and let the bird cook a few more hours. It was doing fine, but the oven just didn't seem hot enough so darling, wonderful husband decided to crank the oven to the max!!!! In the end, the shy, non argumentative wife had the brilliant idea to put the turkey in the roasting pan on top of the stove and finish cooking it. Ever so cleaverly, she even said it in such a way that darling, wonderful husband thought he came up with the idea!! LOL

Of course I had been up late the night before awaiting the arrival of said husband from his 4 day trip to Baja (Hungary that is). He stayed true to course and arrived many hours later than I had expected which meant that I didn't have the groceries needed to do my cooking for Thanksgiving. So, at 9pm, I joyfully greeted him at the door, gave him a great big kiss and told him it didn't matter how late he was and that I was exhausted, would have to stay up half the night cooking and then get up early enough to prepare the turkey for the oven. After all, it is the thought that counts (isn't that what we have been indoctrinated to believe) and as long as he thought about coming home earlier all is well in Italia!
I fiercefully shredded carrots to lovingly make a carrot cake, spread out bread all over the kitchen and bedroom to stale it out enough to make stuffing, chopped bunches of celery and cried my way through a few onions. Ah, the joy of cooking-isn't that a book or something?????
Well, the carrot cake was too moist, didn't end up cooking the right way but darling husband took care of that. He cooked it about 4 hours and it is still moist, but being the doll that he is, he decided he wants to eat it! What a man I tell ya, what a man!

Of course, in the end, everything worked out well. The stuffing was great, turkey moist and delicious and we are still happily married :)

As we drove to Montebelluna on Thanksgiving, it hit me that we are strangers in the land. We live here and yet we have a whole different culture. There were plenty of cars on the road but none were hustling and bustling with piles of baked goods in their trunks to get to Cousin Mary's for a bountiful meal. They were all just going about their business as usual. Not one person had the same purpose as we did. None of them were going to be celebrating the day like we were.
The Lord gave me a beautiful picture as we as Christians live in this world. We are to be strangers in a sense. As we see people hurrying about, going about business as usual, we need to realize that we are looking forward to something they know nothing about. We are to think differently, behave differently, speak and act differently than the rest of the world. Everyday we can celebrate Jesus and look forward to the day when we will see Him face to face and we will sit down and enjoy that feast with Him! And the good news worries on the cooking, we know it will be perfect!!!
We had our first snowfall last week. I had to enjoy it alone since Jim was in Hungary but I was quick thinking and took a picture for him to see. Now you can enjoy it too :) Also, the most precious little baby in the world in her costume. What an adorable little spider!!

Enjoy and may the Lord's face shine upon you today!

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