Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Miss Juliet

Finally a sweet little photo of the most beautiful grandbaby!!! Am I a bit biased ??? LOL!!!
Jim finally got to meet his little granddaughter and was thrilled to feed her! What a blessing!
Thanks for all your prayers and those who helped make this trip happen for Jim. It meant so much to him!
Jim was able to get a lot of our paperwork done for Italy also. So much to do to apply for our Italian citizenship but it will be worth it. Now all the kids want to apply too. You never know how the Lord might use it in the future! I think it's funny how our ancestors were all trying to get to America and become citizens and now we are trying to go back to the countries they came from.

Please be praying for the team that will arrive from Santa Barbara next week. We will be busy doing fix up work around the church, having a kids day and if I am lucky, maybe get some more packing done. We will also head to Padova the following week and look over the city with the team, pray and perhaps scout out places to have an outreach the following year. Lots to do and so we covet your prayers. Pray they will be healthy and for good weather to do all we want to do!
So without further is the Princess :)


Yvonne said...

Ok, "for a girl" I'll concede she is the cutest!! She is gorgeous and grandpa looks quite smitten with her!

I'm so glad Jim was able to come and see her and sounds like things are on schedule for the move to Italy!! A new adventure in the Lord---very exciting!!

love to you all, Yvonne

Amber Lea said...

awhhh! beautiful baby!!!! :)