Sunday, June 1, 2008

Siegen Conference

We were so blessed to be able to go to the Servanthood Conference at the Siegen church a couple weeks ago. We went last year and it was awesome but this year it just didn't seem possible to go. The dollar has dropped so much and everything is more expensive. Gas alone is between 7.50 -8.00 dollars a gallon. (sorry to our US friends, we don't feel your pain) :) just kidding :)
Anyway, the conference started on Tues and we rec'd a phone call on Monday telling us that if we wanted to go it was covered!! How amazing is that! God is so good and we knew there were things the Lord wanted to speak to our hearts since He made the way for us to go. It was a double blessing because we were able to go a couple hours from the church and pick up some boxes that were shipped full of clothes for the church. We brought them to the church yesterday and everyone had a great time picking out things to wear!! Thanks Kim and Martha!!!! :)
At the conference we were able to see some old friends from SB church and meet some new ones. The messages were great and Jim and I both went up for prayer to have a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. There was such a joy and a power in the prayer! It was one of those that I just want to carry with me as a reminder when I feel blah. Our friends Sadie and David were there and Pastor Ricky and some others prayed for us too. We are ready!! Ha ha-just remind me I said that!! There's just something about it when people are praying for you and you know they really want to be praying. It was a good reminder to me too because when I pray with people I want them to know that I want to be praying for them, it's not just a formality or something I do.
I wrote down a few highlights that spoke to my heart during the conference. Of course there were many things, but these are the main things. (You can click on it for a bigger size)

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