Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from Italy

We returned home to Hungary early this am. Such a long drive and we got a late start from Italy. We didn't leave there until about 5 or so and got home 4:30 this am!! Talk about tired!!
It was a great trip and we got to meet the people at the Padova fellowship. Such a sweet group of people and we are excited about the work the Lord wants to do there and also all over Italy!
It was strange to be in a big city and smell all the different smells, fight traffic and be surrounded by so many things! After 7 yrs here in Baja with a population just under 40,000, I realized how used to my surroundings I am. It's weird to think that we will drive more and I can't just walk everywhere. In Baja, it's so easy to get around and just use the car for cold days and food shopping!

Trying to find a place to live is proving to be quite a challenge! In Italy a place is usually furnished or not furnished. Unfurnished is great since we have our furniture already but unfurnished usually means no kitchen either!! AH-what a difference! Then, if you look at a furnished place, you have all their style-which wouldn't really bother me, but I mean their pictures on the walls (weather you like it or not) and their furniture which a lot of times is old! We looked at a couple places yesterday but nothing really worked for us. One was nice, but a bit further than we would like and also no kitchen whatsoever. Plus, we want the students to feel free to visit us on weekends and it would be too difficult to travel by train. Hopefully we can find some places to look at the end of June when we return.

Please keep our house hunting in prayer and all the packing!
Also for our little granddaughter-Juliet. She is home now and I can't wait to get some pictures!!!!!!

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Amber Lea said...

are you guys moving to Italy??! exciting!