Friday, July 18, 2008


We had quite the time since I last updated. We went with the Santa Barbara team to Italy and it was adventurous to say the least!
Our car decided to have problems the minute Jim took the team to the train station in Baja he heard a rattle-muffler. So, we had one of the guys at the church fix it and headed on our way to Italy via Budapest for a night and Milstatt for a night.

Of course the weather in Padova was over 100 every day we were there but hey-we have air conditioning in the car right???? Let's just say that when it wanted to be on it was on and when it needed a break, it took one! Get the picture??!!! So one of the days we head to Venice with the team and as Jim parks in the parking garage the battery light went on. Needless to say when we came back to the car it wouldn't start. Oh the fun now begins.

So you must picture this. Jim says, ok-one of you girls needs to steer (it was Charlotte, her husband Ed and Jim and I) Well, I am not steering, no way, no how! I think I would freak out. So we decided to let Jim steer and Ed, Charlotte and I would push! Yes, skirts and all, we are pushing the car. Well, I guess in all fairness it was mostly Ed, but Charlotte and I must have had some impact :) Here we are pushing and we are getting close to the part where the parking lot starts to make the curvy turn and I am just praying inside-Lord there is no way that I can push while going around a bend. Those of you who know me know that coordination is not one of my spiritual gifts! LOL

Anyway, the Lord had mercy upon us and at just the right time Jim started the car and we headed back to Padova. The car broke down again after a few days and this time it had to be put on a truck and taken to the repair shop. A new belt, new alternator, headaches, sore back for Jim and a whole bunch of euros later we were on our way back to Hungary!
Just one of those times where you ask the Lord....Lord why now? Whey did this have to happen now? I sometimes think He feels like saying...why not if there is a better time for these things to happen :)

We ended up staying an extra week after the team left to find a place to live but didn't have much luck. We learned a lot about Italian culture that week. We learned how important the afternoon lunch/siesta is. So important that an hour before it starts not much gets accomplished so that you aren't in the middle of something when the lunch begins and then about an hour after it ends you are just getting back in the swing of work again. On the last day, we finally found a realtor franchise that seems helpful and we pray that things will go well next week when we return.

Last week was pretty gloomy and we had a rainstorm one of the days. I happened to look out my window and saw a beautiful rainbow right in my backyard. It was such a gift from the Lord! It was a rough week and you know how you have those times where you know the promises of God and His faithfulness but you just need some extra assurance-well, it was like God gave the rainbow just for me at just the right moment. I grabbed my camera and did my best to mark the memory. I love how personal the Lord is. He knows what His children need and His Word just comes alive in our lives as we cry out to Him.

Some of our girls were baptized last week at the family conference. It brought tears to my eyes seeing them make this commitment before the Lord. We have been together all year for women's studies and watching them grow in their relationship and seeing Jesus at work in their lives is so precious!
So many beautiful memories! The Lord is indeed good isn't He!!!

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