Tuesday, February 8, 2011

oh my aching back

Well, feeling better was short lived! For the past few days the only way I can find relief for my back it to lay in bed. It's been horrible! Last night the pain was so bad it made me sick to my stomache!
Please pray for complete healing in my back. Since July I get pain in the mid section off and on but it also makes breathing difficult because it is where the rib cage is. We are thinking it could be the chair I have been using at my desk. We switched out the chairs today so we will see if it makes any difference. Hopefully this will go away quickly!
I asked Jim to make dinner tonight. He's great at it so it was no problem....except for the fact that I wanted rice for dinner. He joyfully obliged and about a half hour later there was an entire pot full of cooked rice!!!!! He made the entire pound (there abouts in metric) Oh my...we will be eating rice till the cows come home. It tasted yummy though with some butter and grated parmesan cheese!
ok-that's it for today. Hopefully in the next day or two I will have more energy and will write more.
thanks for praying!


Denise said...

Margie -
I'm praying for you! I will email you a personal note ......
I completely understand the back pain, as I am still struggling too!

So funny about Jim and the rice - you two are adorable. I love rice in the morning with a little milk and cinnamon and sugar. mmmmmmmm

Lisa said...

hi margie! thanks for stopping by my blog! have you ever had the chance to visit the calvary chapels in oxnard and camarillo? next time you are in the santa barbara area let me know!
i hope your back feels better soon!