Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Ready

It's almost like I am preparing to go back to school. Sometimes it feels like though the new year begins in January, for many of us we talk about September as being our new year. Women's bible studies usually start again, along with many other ministries, kids go back to school, etc.
For me, our summer missions conference is a perfect time of the year. It is a place to go and be refreshed in the Word, be reminded Who we are serving, taking time out to pray and ask the Lord for direction, fresh vision and even just take the year we had and bring it all before the Lord...sort of like bringing the dross to the surface. It's great also because we meet up with friends who are serving in different countries and we haven't seen them since the last conference. It's great to catch up and hear what the Lord's been doing in their lives, their churches, etc. It's also good because as people bare their hearts and share their struggles we are reminded that we are not alone in the battle. It's also great to meet new friends. I was so blessed this year to meet some really neat ladies and get to know some even better! It really was a blast!
The teachings we had were great! I love how the Lord just puts it altogether. He knows what we need to hear and what is going to encourage us in the coming year.
I love what was shared in one of the women's sessions by Inga-Lil...For every situation, every struggle, every everything, He needs to be enough! How I wept when I first heard that song by Chris Tomlin. "Enough" It's good to have the quiet time with the Lord and see that He really is enough. No matter what is going on in my life, struggles, challenges, finances, other's my Lord enough? Is Jesus my everything!
We start language school next month. I am pretty excited and yet a bit nervous. I have these thoughts about being the best student. Haha...I really do though. I am so praying for a supernatural gift for Jim and I to grasp the language and speak fluently to people! Pray with me for this gift!!! There is an older lady on my street who always say hi to me when I am walking to the store. She is so sweet and today she invited me for something to eat. We were having friends over for lunch so I couldn't go today but hopefully soon. This is why I want so much to learn to speak Italian. I don't want to speak it much better it will be to speak to this lady in her language! Well, the ole arm is about ready to give out on me. It's my right hand and wrist so I can't write/type too much. Guess I have to talk more LOL. Have a blessed day in the Lord! He is our refuge and strength! Our very present help in times of trouble!
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