Monday, August 24, 2009

It's gonna have to wait

Well the ole blog (not me) is being a little rough around the edges tonight and therefore all the wonderful stuff I was gonna bring you will just have to wait til tomorrow.
Oh and is it sort of pathetic that I tried so hard to take a picture of my swollen and bruised arm/wrist/hand for you? What good is it if your friends can't pity you and ooh and ahh in harmony!!! It must be that it's my right hand and I can't hold the camera steady with the left and I dare not ask Jim to take a picture of it lest he think I have completely lost my mind....I think he's already wondering after the fall!
Oh well, I am sure to write tomorrow...or so I have the best intentions on doing so.
Conference was wonderful...still soaking it all in and seeing how it all fits into my life.

Til tomorrow my friends..............


Denise said...

Hi sweet Margie .... I love your blog. You have a real gift in writing.
So sorry to hear about your arm .....are you whining or worshiping? (hee hee). It's always interesting how the Lord gives us opportunity to put His Word into practice.
Well ... I love you. I'm praying for you. And don't forget ... pray for us!

MaryAnne Hommel said...

Yo sista blogger!
Okay, I confess, I'm loving the FB thing, that's how I found your blog. How did I not know about this? I'm so blessed to be able to have this window to Italy right here on my desk. Praying for you guys!