Monday, August 3, 2009

This and that

Today my house is going through a weird experience....there is noone here except Jim and I!'s the strangest feeling. We have had company pretty much since the end of April give or take a couple of days-enough time to wash the sheets, hang them out to dry and remake the beds! It's great though-we do enjoy sharing the joy of Italy and the work the Lord is doing with those we know and love!
I am still praying for a B&B although I think it would probably be a BL&D :)
Jim has been busy the past couple weeks. The Castle in Austria needed help in the kitchen so he is helping there a few days a week. It's great for him because he loves to cook! Hopefully by the time he gets finished he will want a little break from the kitchen and I can have mine back. It's great having a husband who loves to cook and serve, but I do miss planning my meals. Every now and then I have to give him the "Hey, I want to have my kitchen back" Oh the trials I must endure!!!
Speaking of trials, I went through a tough one this past month. Ok, well, comparatively speaking it's not a trial. In all honesty, it's not even close to a trial....but please sympathize with me...just a little ok. Well, here it is....I never thought in a gazillion years I would have had to do this but I did. I put it off for months, but the pain and the suffering was too much and I finally succumbed to my husband's request to put my pride aside and just take the plunge. I went, dragging myself behind him, afraid to open the door, but finally went in. At first I was ok, but then I had a few tears in my eyes as I handed my precious possession over to the lady because I............................deep breath now................................................................

Yep, after 21 years of marriage I had to do what I never dreamed I would have to do...but after not being able to wear my ring in the summer because my fingers swell up so badly I had to take drastic steps and go for it. And yes, I actually did cry. I know, I am such a baby but it was sort of psychological for me...anyway, I should be able to pick it up this week. Had to wait til pay day and it has arrived so I will get my re-sized ring back on my re-sized finger in a matter of days.

Another accomplishment has been made by me in the past couple weeks. Yes, dear friends, I am just mastering all types of things now that I am in Italy. Well, this one is a fun that had me laughing even though noone was around to join in. As you know, Rob and Denise bought a bike for me. I am determined to ride it as often as possible-skipping the walks to the store in favor of a bike ride. Riding along, waving to passerbyers, shouting a "ciao" here and there, a "buon giornio" or two, perhaps even a "buona sera" in the late afternoon. The other day I needed to go to the supermarket and rather than getting changed I decided to venture out and be as the Italians. Perhaps you have seen the movies where the Italian beauties ride along so elegantly on their bicycles....well what was I wearing you ask.......don't freak...........

It was quite the accomplishment if I may say so myself! I was cracking up as I tried to steer, keep the packages in my twisted basket, and hold my skirt down at the same time. Quite the picture!

August is a pretty slow month in Italy. The Italians go on holiday during the month and it is like a ghost town here. The beaches are crowded but the rest of the places are pretty mild! It is so strange not to hear a lot of noise around me! I kind of miss it!We start school in Sept. The town near us is offering Italian classes from Sept to June for only 24 euros. You can't beat that price! We may have to miss a couple classes here and there, but I am so excited to go back to school. We can't find much out until Sept 1 (they are all on vacation now) but the sooner the better!Well, I think that's all for tonight-my hands are tired, hubby is cooking some Mexican food and it's just about finished, so I will leave you for now.Praise the Lord for His goodness. He is our refuge and strength! Oh how I love Jesus, because He first loved me! Don't you just want to go on and on and shout out all His goodness!!!!

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the Provident Woman said...

21 years of marriage and that's the first time you've had your ring resized? I'm going need mine don't soon and it's only been 7 years.