Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Beautiful little Juliet is one year old today! She is a doll! We have an appointment to talk on the webcam tonight and Nanu is going to be surprised! He thinks we will just talk on skype but Christina got Juliet a webcam for her birthday! Ha ha.....isn't that so adorable! Baby gets a webcam!
Sunday we went to the airport to pick up Greg and Brenda in Venice. It was one of those God moments for us. Jim has been having a really hard time not being with Juliet and being Nanu to her in a personal way. It's hard! But, at the airport we saw a young couple with a baby. We figured they were a military family and Jim asked if they were waiting for the grandparents to arrive to see the baby. They were actually waiting for another family member but it was a neat reminder for us.

We were gently reminded by the Lord that in a sense we are in the military too. Paul likens the Christian life as being a soldier. I told Jim it's kind of like we are on deployment right now. We are not the only ones away from our kids and granddaughter. I couldn't help but think of all the dads who are fighting for our freedom and miss the birth of their first child, the first tooth growing, first words, first smiles, etc. For me, I have to keep this perspective to help me to feel sorry for myself and to walk around so sad.
God is good and He made Juliet with the sweetest temperment. It takes her no time to warm up to you so when we do see her she takes to us right away. She loves to play, to laugh, to dance, and especially to give kisses! I can't wait til she is a little bit older and we can bring her over to us for an extended vacation with Nonna and Nanu!
I think we will have to have a gelato in her honor today!!!
Happy Birthday sweet baby!

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