Thursday, May 14, 2009

We just had a wonderful week with Rob and Denise! It was a blessing for me to have Denise here to talk to and just have fun with! It's fun to go to the states and see everyone but there's never a long enough time to enjoy each of your friends and family long enough so when people come out here it's great since we can have one on one time!!!
They got a bike for me!!! LOL....this is going to be quite the experience. I haven't ridden a bike since we first moved to Hungary! I rode to the store, fell off and all my groceries fell on the ground. I am excited about my bike though because I can ride it to the train and then go into Padova and go to the market and other stuff without having to bug Jim for a ride all the time. Unless there is a miracle one day, I don't see myself driving in the city. It's just too confusing for me. I like to drive during the siesta time in some places since there aren't a lot of cars on the road and I even made it to Montebelluna one day when Rose was with me. Oh the adventure of it all :)
Things are good. Yes my last post was a bit depressing, but it was one of those days. Right now I am really feeling refreshed and also free. All the things I needed to have peace about have been given to me and it's great. My heart is truely at rest now and I am so excited for what the Lord has in store in our new journey!
So, I will write more next time, just wanted to let everyone know all is well, thank you for praying, writing, thinking of me. I really appreciate it more than you know!
Karen, you are the sweetest sister too!!!!! love you and miss you!
No pictures today because I am too tired to upload them but I will post some next time. I might even give the blog a promises though!
May the Lord bless you and shine His face upon you!!!


Amber Lea said...

yea! Bikes are the best!

cottage crew said...

Glad to hear you had a great time and are refreshed! I want an action shot of you on that bike---make Jim take a photo of you!