Monday, March 30, 2009


Well it's not for a lack of words that I haven't been keeping up with the dear ole blog. Those of you who know me know that lacking in speech is not one of my problems. Lacking in proper speech or self control when speaking is probably more the problem than anything else!!!! Proverbs says "A fool vents all his feelings". Reading that verse causes a little check here and there when I feel like just pouring it all out there!!
So, last night we watched the movie Joseph. I had a different perspective in that I didn't actually watch the movie but sat at my computer and only listened to the dialogue. This wasn't because I didn't want to see the movie, I have seen it before and it is good. It's just that my heating pad plugs in by my desk and I needed my heating pad on! Most times this is how I watch listening! Well, I was talking to Jim this morning about this and how I was able to pay more attention to what was being said without being distracted by the pictures. Of course we keep in mind the movie is made by Hollywood, therefore things are added/deleted and not exactly as told in the Bible.
I doubt there is anyone in this life who hasn't been hurt by someone else, felt wronged or falsely accused of things, etc. There's that part in all of us (well atleast I think most of us)that desires to be avenged. We want justice done! We can spend hours, days, months, years entertaining thoughts about what we will do when we do meet up with the person(s) we had a conflict with. We will show them! And then that day arrives....all the emotions and feelings that have been built up inside of us are ready to come out. All the well rehearsed paragraphs are ready to be spoken.
Did Joseph think about this? He named his first child Manasseh which means God has made me forget my toil and all my father's house, but what were the first thoughts that came to his mind when he was reunited with them? I would want to say to them...see dream was right and you all laughed. Look where you are and look where I am. Joseph could have pretended not to know them and sent them away or even kept them in prison on false charges.
When they were all reunited the second time, Joseph revealed who he was. Imagine the looks on the brothers faces! Oh my! What were they thinking? Were they trembling? Did they wonder if they would now get what was coming to them?
How was Joseph able to respond with such kindness? Was it that the things God had made him forget weren't the acts themselves -but the anger, bitterness, the sense of being betrayed that God caused him to forget. Was it that Joseph was so free of all these things that his heart was pure before the Lord and able to respond to his brothers in a way they would not expect!
How I long to have that heart! A heart that is tender and merciful! Praise God that with Him all things are possible!

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