Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Songs Of Christmas Songs Day 3

Today's song is one many are probably not familiar with.  As I look through my Christmas playlist I have a gazillion versions of many of the same songs that have been sung throughout the ages.  As much as I enjoy them and have my favorite versions of the classics, I do appreciate it when someone comes up with a new Christmas song that evokes the spirit of Christmas.

This song makes me think, it makes me wonder, and it often leaves me more in awe of Jesus after listening to it.  The words stir up within me so many different thoughts and makes me glad that someone else thinks the same way as I do.

I love Jesus and everything about Him.  I love that He is the Word and He dwelt among us-He walked and talked with the common person, the sick, the outcast.  I love that he hated hypocrisy and wasn't afraid to call people out when they were prideful and looking their noses down at others.  I love that He was so powerful, so holy, so magnificent and yet He took time to wash the dirty feet of others.  His wondrous love that hung upon a cross so that we would be set free and have the opportunity to live with Him in Eternity.  I absolutely love that He calls us, you and me, the simpletons of this world, His friends.

John writes at the end of his Gospel, in chapter 21, that if everything Jesus did during His time on earth was written down, the world couldn't contain the books they were written in.  How amazing is that!  We get but a glimpse into the life of Jesus.  I wonder in Heaven if we will hear from all the people whose lives He touched.  Those He healed, spoke a Word to that changed their life.  Some He may have only gazed at and it was enough to pierce their very heart.

The song for today is by Todd Agnew.  It is titled 'Did You Know?'  It is written sort of as a dialogue between a person and Jesus.  It's almost as if someone went inside my head and wrote out some of questions in my mind and put them to song.  You can listen to it here: (the lyrics are there too)

Have you ever wanted to ask Jesus questions?  I don't mean the why's of events in our lives.  That's a given-we all have things we don't understand and wish He could explain why we go through what we go through.  But, I mean questions about Him and when He was a child.  Do you try to imagine His household as He grew up?  His brothers and sisters and what it must have been like living with the Son of God as your brother???  Wow, I cannot imagine it!

Did He know when He was a baby that He was still God?

Did He go through the 'terrible two's or was He a perfect child?

Did He call Joseph 'Dad'?

Did Joseph have to correct Him when He was young?  Did He ever roll His eyes at His parents like most children do?

How did He interact with His brothers and sisters-knowing they didn't believe who He was until much later?

Did He ever frustrate His parents as kids sometimes do and if so, did Mary and Joseph feel like the could correct Him?

Was He Mary's favorite?  Did the others pick up on that?

When Joseph taught Him the scriptures as a child did He already know them?  And was Joseph nervous that he was teaching Jesus the Word of God?

Ah, so many questions fill my mind as I think of Jesus coming to this earth.  Do these questions matter in the long run?  No, obviously not, but I still think of them-especially in December as we prepare our homes and especially our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Jesus, our King.

Do you ever wonder about Jesus and His growing up years?  Does your mind sometimes work like mine where you think of Him as a child and doing the things children do?  Are you curious if He had buddies in the neighborhood that He might have played baseball or football with (lol...I know they didn't have those games back then) but still, the kids must have played some kind of games.  Was He the best player on the team?  Did He discourage the boys who would say bad things against the girls? Did he run to Mary with tears streaming down His face when someone roughed Him up in a game or maybe even picked on Him?

I wonder just as in this song-since Joseph was a carpenter and we know he taught Jesus how to build things out of wood-did Jesus know as He was handling the nails that they would one day pierce His hands and feet?

When He shaped the wood as a young boy did an image of a cross with His body upon it cause a sudden shrill to flow through His being?

The glorious wonder of our Jesus.  God Incarnate-God who became flesh-who left Heaven to come down to earth for you and me.  We hear and read so many accounts of His power and greatness and yet He came as a baby.  Fully God and fully man.  Wow, just wow!  How I love Him so!  How thankful I am that Jesus is our Savior and that He came to this earth because of His great love for us.
God's gift to us all, wrapped in love.

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