Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update and Prayer Requests

We had a wonderful time in Austria at the Missions Conference.  We always say how great and encouraging they are but this year had such a sense of refreshment and this call to go forward in whatever God is calling you in.  The messages and the fellowship were awesome!

We have been meeting at the park again this summer.  It’s been good and though no one new has joined us, it’s interesting how many people are hearing the Word and the worship.  There are some regular people who are there each Sunday reading their papers or utilizing the free WiFi that we continue to pray to join us.  Leno, the manager of the park is wonderful to us.  Last week he had music playing when we arrived and turned it off so it wouldn’t disturb our study time.  We keep praying he will get saved and trust the Lord that one of these days he will!! 

As you know we have been praying fervently for a permanent place for the church.  We haven’t had this since being in Padova.  It looks like we found the right place.  As we took time to pray, wanting to hurry but sensing the Lord telling us to wait patiently, we found a place smack in the middle where most of the University students are.  We prayed a lot about the location-in one sense we wanted a place that was family friendly.  But with our experience we have seen that tradition plays a huge role in the older generation and though they don’t even attend their traditional church, to come to a Protestant church is not something they are comfortable with.  We have had some couples start coming but we sense that God is leading us to go all out with the University students.  There are still families in the area and of course the park is right up the street so we will have plenty of opportunity for outreach.  The building has a small yard and also a terrace.  There is a room that we will be able to put a little kitchen area in also.  One of the things we want to do is to have women’s and men’s meetings each month or every other week-but with a meal.  There seems to be more of a turn out when we invite people to a bible study with a meal.  Perhaps it sounds less threatening to them.  Either that or they want to find out if Americans can cook Smile  We are also praying about having a weekly Thursday Taco Night....something like that for the students –as a way to get them familiar with us.  All the things we have in mind are up to the Lord and we want to hear from Him what He would have us do.  It would be nice to say that we can just meet people on the street, share the Gospel with they show up for church-we still pray that to happen but so far it hasn’t so we are seeking the Lord as to ways we can reach out to our community.  Please pray also for laborers.  We would really love to have some young people come alongside us as we reach the college students.  The ability to lead worship is an added plus. 
We have seen the difference it has made with the other CC churches here and pray that God would put it on some hearts to come to Padova to help for a season.

In a couple weeks I (Margie) will be flying to CA.  I am so excited since I haven’t been for over 2 yrs. now.  I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!  I do have need to borrow a car while I am there so if anyone has one available please let me know.  I have one to use for 2 weeks mid Oct so beginning and end of Oct is needed as is a couple weeks in November.   Please email or private message me via facebook if you can help me out with a vehicle.  I promise not to drive like we do here in Italy!

Next weekend we head to Munich, Germany.  Jim’s been asked to lead the worship for their church conference so we will be driving there Fri-Sun.  After a 6 hr drive home next Sunday, I need to catch a 6:45am flight on Monday so please keep all that travel in prayer for us please.  I have MRI’s, dr appts and a girl’s discipleship class to teach next week too so it’s going to be a busy week.  Thankfully Marla is taking the week off to come and help out.

We appreciate your prayers so much.  So many of you stand in the gap for us and the ministry here in Padova.  It has been a long, difficult few years but God has always told us that we are to continue on in the work here,  keep pressing on, and so we have obeyed even when we had no more tears left and thought of every reason to move on from here.  And now, He has renewed our hearts, given us fresh vision and an excitement of things to come. 

Please pray also for Franco and Rosa.  They are both new Christians and on fire.  They are a little older than we are and have been such a big help.  Also pray for Michelle and Gianni-they live about an hour away and it’s expensive for them to come since they are on a pension but they are such a sweet part of the fellowship.  Joseph is from Nigeria.  He is looking for work and I tell you-he tries so hard every day to find work.   Please pray that God will open something up for him.  He is a real neat guy.  Pray for those we meet and share God’s Word with, but they haven’t made the decision for Christ yet. 

So looking forward to talking to you in person!!  Thank you for your prayers, your love and financial support.  We are all in this together!!!

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