Friday, March 11, 2011

While We Were Sleeping

By now most everyone has seen the devasting news about the earthquake in Japan. This morning when I turned on my computer to see the news I was horrified by what I was seeing. It was only the begining. We had a girl staying with us this past week from Japan. She left yesterday and was due home today. We have heard she made it to Tokyo but has to sleep at the airport. Hopefully her reservation for tomorrow will bring her safely home. She lives in Okinawa and they were not affected by the earthquake.
My heart went out to the people who were in the picture where it seems the tsunami was taking homes and cars and all else it could with it. There were people waving white sheets or something trying to get the help they needed. I pray they made it to safety. I pray the Lord will use the Christians who are in Japan to minister to the physical as well as spiritual needs of those who so desperately need Jesus. Let's remember to keep them in our prayers.
I was talking to Jim this morning about this earthquake and the mass confusion it causes, the transit systems stopped, nuclear plants at risk, uncertainty, scramble to get information, communication lines down, and questions of why this happened. I listened to the BBC news and they would get experts on to interview to try and give an answer. One reporter asked an expert why are we having all these earthquakes and he could only reply "Noone knows the answer to that".

I thought about when Jesus returns. I think that is on so many of our minds these days which I am glad about. There was an urgency about it when I was first saved and then life somehow takes over and I found myself not always living as though Jesus may come back at any moment.
The song "While You Were Sleeping" has been one of my favorites ever since I first heard it. My thoughts went to that song this morning. As many of us lay sleeping, this devastion came upon so many in Japan. I couldn't help but wonder that when Jesus returns people in the world will be sleeping and when they awake, they will awake to mass confusion. They will be caught off guard, unaware, searching for answers, seeking out the experts trying to figure out what happened. Imagine as they turn on the news the chaos that will be being reported. Airplanes left without pilots, vehicles without drivers and passengers, people disappearing from homes, businesses, markets. Parents left dumbfounded as to where their child have disappeared to.
Today the stockmarket was affected because of the earthquake-imagine the monetary system on that day!

All day today there was talk about how the tsumani would reach other countries. It was interesting to read about the levels. First there is the advisory, the alert, the watch and then the warning. It almost seems we can apply these to Jesus's second coming. We have been advised to be on alert-to watch-we have been warned. We are given the signs.
I believe that we as Christians have to get back to that urgency that Jesus could come at any moment. We need to advise people what the bible says. We need to warn them of the devastation that will take place. Emergency crews, policemen, firemen, mayors-all of them have been alerting the people to get to higher elevation if they lived near the coast. It was up to the people to heed the warning. I am always amazed during any catastrophy-be it a fire or a warning like this tsunami how there are people who refuse to heed the warning. They would rather guard their homes and their valuables. They want to think it isn't as bad as people are saying. The same is true as we warn people about Jesus's return. Some won't think it's true-they would rather do things their own way. How terribly sad!

We need to be occupied with Him and the work He has given us to do-whatever that is.
Years ago the buzz was always about Jesus coming back! You couldn't really go through a day with Christian friends without someone talking about it. "Maranatha" was a word used so often. I want to get back to that! Let's remind each other daily that today could be the day. Let's ask the Lord to bring that urgency back into our lives. Let's go out and share God's Word with as many as He calls us to-if they don't respond positively, atleast we gave the opportunity. There is such an urgency in my heart to give out as many invites to church and cards with the Gospel message on it.

When you watch the news reports on the earthquakes, pay special attention to the faces of the people. Look at their grief, pain, their uncertainty. Then, imagine these kinds of looks on the faces of those who are left behind. Ask God to rekindle the fire in your heart, to go and share His love with everyone you can.
Marantha, He is coming!!!

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