Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got internet??

A couple weeks ago, the phone rang and Mr Lovey was asked for by name. I gave the phone over to him and thought nothing of it. About a half hour later my curiosity got to me, wondering who could be engaging my husband for such a long period of time. He soon hung up and I inquired as to who was on the other end. "Oh, we are getting a 'new and improved, lower rate phone and internet service'". I quizically looked at him, wondering if I heard correctly and I believe a "You've got to be kidding me" response came out. After all, haven't we all been warned time and time again that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
I decided to investigate 'said service' on the internet to see what kind of reputation they had. I quickly realized that they made lots of promises that resulted in people hearing their problems would be taken care of in a week and 45 days later they are still waiting!! "Please call them and tell them no, dear" were my words.
Fast forward to Monday morning-I go to turn on my computer and the internet usually pops on automatically. To my surprise-no internet! Gee, I wonder what happened!! I quickly storm calmly walk into the room to yell rationally speak to Mr. Lovey about this problem. To the phone he went, dialing the number to this 'new and improved' company to find out what is happening. I am certain that all the while he was dialing he was praying that this was some mix-up that would quickly be resolved by the time he hung up the phone. Nope, not going to happen that way. I hear him say things like "but the guy promised there would be no interruption of service, he told me nothing would go wrong" In the meantime, I am sitting there moving my leg back and forth at such a rapid pace I could have won any race had there been one. While waiting for Mr Lovey to get off the phone my head filled with all the different things I could say to him once he hung up. How I longed to have my say! But after a bit, a voice kept saying "drip drip, nag, nag" What?? No, go away, then louder, drip drip, nag nag...until I finally had to get up and go out of the room.Stomping Walking away, you would have thought that I was elated, overjoyed, running to find my journal to write such sweet words of adoration that I had been stopped from spewing out torrents of phrases to belittle and put down Mr. Lovey over this issue. After all, I was right!! I knew I was right and I wanted to rub it in remind Mr. Lovey that he did, after all, marry Mrs. Right! Ah, but the Holy Spirit was more powerful-the Lord had such grace upon Mr. Lovey and wouldn't let those awful words come out and make him feel worse than he already did! Slowly, I succumbed to the realization that being Mrs. Right isn't always the best thing-especially at the cost of inflicting meanness upon the one I love. (now mind you, it doesn't always end this way-I still have lots of growing to do.)

Poor Mr. Lovey-he had to phone the company that we originally had the service with and tell them we want our service back (being informed that it can take several days-we are now on day 3 of no service) Then, we receive a note from the 'new and improved' guys that our service has now been activated-really? I think their version of activation just means "hey, we gonna start chargin ya now even if it ain't workin yet" . In the meantime, Mr. Lovey had to buy this little contraption that goes into the computer and gives you so many hours of internet service.

It's quite a drag because I keep forgetting to disconnect it every time I am away from the computer-usually we just leave the internet on so this is a hard thing to remember!!

I think I did manage to get in one "well you know I am usually right" but I said it with a smile so maybe that's ok???? And Mr. Lovey responded "no, you're not always right". Hmm, guess we'll have to work on that one!

And to think that some people think we Christians have boring lives! I guess they don't know too many of us huh!

Praise the Lord for lessons learned, attitudes adjusted, Holy Spirit power and bad thoughts repented of!

I best be getting off the computer now! The clock is ticking :)

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