Friday, February 26, 2010

A Plead For Patience

Alas, my sweet and loyal friends, I have come to make a brief mark on the ever neglected blog. Bear with me as we continue to work on my old computer and get things moved around, take some stuff off, put new stuff in, I just don't get it all.
Hopefully in the next week or two I will be back to my desktop and able to write away. I miss writing, I really do. I miss putting up some photos after I have fooled around with Photoshop longer than I should :)
Anyway, keep us in prayer, pray that we don't despise the day of small things, that we keep our eyes on Jesus. We know we are in the preparation stage right now and Spring is around the corner. It's like you gathered all the ingredients necessary to make the cake, read the instructions carefully, put it in the oven and then you have to wait and wait for it to be ready. I feel at times the Lord is putting the little cake tester in my middle to see if I am ready yet :) Ha ha, I love how He gives us pictures to understand. The timer is on, and we are prepared-----

equipped for all He desire to do this new season.

God's blessings upon your day !

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