Monday, July 22, 2013

Jim Part 2

Hello again!

First, thank you all again for the sweet comments, prayers and abundance of love!  God is truly showing Himself to us through each of you.  As odd as it may sound, it has blessed our hearts to read the comments here and on FB and know that you are each an extension of His love and comfort.  Besides the normal stress of having Jim in the hospital and not knowing exactly what is happening with him it has been hard to be by ourselves (Marla and me) and not have a friend to just cry with and pray with.  I may say this often but please don't ever take for granted the Christian friends you have around you to pray with, laugh with, cry with, etc.   You never know when your world will turn upside down and you no longer have them around.  Maybe I have been so spoiled with the lovely friends I do have and so going through this rough time makes me ache all the more for you!!!!  It's hard for our two daughters back in the states because they can't see their Dad and love on him and give him, Marla and me hugs too and we can't give any to them.

So, with that, I can tell you that as of 3pm today Jim is HOME!!!!  You may think we are thrilled and excited, and we are, but there is the other part.  The part of the unknown, the fear and what could happen.  He was released because the two machines that are needed to do the gastro test and also the stress test are not functioning properly right now. Whether that translates to they are really both surprisingly broken at the same time or summer is here and we are very short staffed so there aren't a lot of people to operate the equipment and you are no longer an about having to trust the Lord and not lean on our own understanding.  Such a test of faith. Jim's resting now.  He is not allowed to do much except rest.  No walking and not much exercise until he has the stress test.  He is on blood thinners so help with the blood flow to the heart.  Marla and I have decided that we won't be out of the house at the same time just to make sure one of us is with him at all times.  We may be overly cautious but we don't want to take any chances.  A week ago today I wasn't sure what was happening and it scared me enough that we don't want to risk him being alone.  I met his doctor today and she told me what he can and can't eat.  He is on a strict diet of 1500 calories a think this is a shock to him.  Marla is so great and a big help-she is already planning on filling her Pinterest with heart healthy meals :)  No fat, no sugar, no fried is going to be changing for the good :)

Thank you again for taking the time to write, send your love and to pray.  It means the world to us.

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